I Sit And Cry

Sometimes when i'm alone I sit for hours and just cry...I think about the years I have wasted and will never have back about the love I could have had and the loves I have lost..
Life can be cruel no matter how hard you try..
I see couples walking hand in hand with so much love for each other and wonder just where I went wrong..I long for that special someone to want me and love me for who I am....
I have so much in my heart to offer and it breaks to easy..So I sit and cry...
One day I pray....
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While you sit and cry and think of all the time you've wasted; are you adding more to those wasted years? By the hour, or by the minute, or even the second; they will be gone and no way to get them back. Who knows; that you sit and cry, that you are lonely?
Yes life; can be cruel, it can also end too soon, no-one knows when, or how many days one will dwell on this earth. So; why sit and cry, and wast more time.
Yes; sit and pray, then get up and VOLUNTEER. The rewards are great, you'll no longer be alone, and you may find that special someone that you could not have found by siting alone and crying.

i'm NOT depressed.and i DO feel worthy.felling worthy has nothing to do with it.i see people who are "worthy" every day (like katey perry) & NO ONE CARES.many people of both sexes are just surface images.THEY LOOK GREAT BUT THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO THEM.people like britney spears who had to pay her exhusband 7 MILLION DOLLARS to pretend to be in love with her.& britney spears played stupid pretending she didn't know he was just after the money BECAUSE SHE GOT A LOT OF PUBLICITY FOR THAT TRASHY SITUATION.

Week of course if you look for celebrity examples of love you're gonna find shallow. That's the sheer definition of Hollywood etc. those who are happy with themselves don't need to seek publicity for attention. Observe the smallest affections between ppl especially older couples and ask if they're Just surface images

I understand how you feel. Some people responded were very harsh. Those people don't understand a sensitive heart that is afraid to even dare take a chance in giving or care because you don't feel worthy. I understand you completely. What has helped me though is volunteering but I still struggle how worthy I am at that, I am taking small steps to build my confidence and I try so hard to stay away from feedback like some of given below. You are at the bottom, start w/meditations, try building your strength by going to starbucks or any small place by yourself and be still, only talk to someone if you feel confident to. What most people don't understand about the depressed is that their hearts are so broken they think it's easy to just get up and go help someone else. It's not easy but you will get strong, I promise you that you will get strong. Take it slow.

If you have love to give, give it! Volunteer at a church, a hospital or a hospice. A homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, a preschool, or a center for immigrants. Anywhere that there are people that are suffering. There are so many people that need the love that you have to give desperately. When you give that love that is overflowing from your heart, you will realize why you have been given that gift. We have been given the gift of love so that we can give it away. You are suffering because your love is not going anywhere. Please, please let it go where it's needed. I guarantee that you will get it back a hundredfold and you will stop suffering.


Now I have been alone for 17 years and I used to have hope but nont so much now. My friend used to say " I promise you will find love before you are 30. Now I am in my 40's! The thing I grieve most about is ( well 2 things actually) is that I realize that whilst I have loved, I have never had someone love me and I would have loved to experience that feeling. Secondly the time waisted. I gave up a wonderful life to be with my Husband and then he ruined my life and I cry most for what I could have done in all these years since. I can't get the time back- too late now.

You are a fifty carets gold lady with a diamond heart . I think , true love is to love yourself and the loved you gave . By that , you have lost nothing . Cruel only stays in a song , Don't be cruel by late Elvis . Just think millions of gentlemen in the world who love woman with a diamond heart . I am one of them .

You are a fifty carets gold lady with a diamond heart . I think , true love is to love yourself and the loved you gave . By that , you have lost nothing . Cruel only stays in a song , Don't be cruel by late Elvis . Just think millions of gentlemen in the world who love woman with a diamond heart . I am one of them .

It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never have loved at all. I never understood this saying until it happened to me. So in love with someone and he broke it off. Sure it hurt in the beginning but gradually I got over it. Being in Love is wonderful, a beautiful feeling. First love yourself and that should show on the outside and will attract others to you. Always know that you are loveable and deserve the best, then it will show to others even if you dont realize this.

There is another kind of love which is not dependant on the other.It is call Gift love or Being love and it in all of us.But we have to grow in that love which knows no misery.It goes unaddress to whosoever.You have to blossom in that love and thereafter you are enough onto yourself.You become the love and you start showering like raincloud.

I sit and cry thinking about it

those "couples walking hand in hand" do NOT love oneanother! he's just too cheap to pay a prostitute(& he treats HER like one). those girls walking "hand in hand "with those sleazebags HAVE TO GIVE BLOW JOBS TO PAY THAT RENT.THAT AINT LOVE.THAT'S PROSTITUTION.& THAT'S SICK & SAD.

Some of those couples are in love not all people are bad


You are a very sad person my heart goes out to you...Really it does...Nasty is not necessary here so please don't be...

I'm doing you a favor telling you this.I'M VERY authentic.You're just too dense to figure this out for yourself.Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

You have never been in love? V is a very nice woman and she doesn't deserve your words. You need to learn to play nice and not believe that everyone has had the experiences that you have. If you think there is not such thing as love, then you have truly been dealt a bad hand in life. Be well.

Thank you for this...Very much thank you

You poor thing. Obviously you are burning on the inside, suffering the disdain others have inflicted upon you. BUT YOU DO NOT VENT YOUR NEGATIVITY TO VLOWERY, DO NOT SPIT YOUR PAIN OR YOUR SORROW. She does NOT deserve it. NOR needs to hear **** about it when she's already in pain. **** off.



Genius or not instability defines someone who copes with heartbreak and grief by lashing out with blanket generalizations. Someone obviously broke your heart and you're denying yourself the op to grieve and grow from the experience. PS THE ALL CAPS MODE ONLY MAKES YOU APPEAR LESS CONVINCING. Kudos to lovers and prostitutes alike as long as it's consensual

Don't be such a *****

Here I am again.I STAND BY EVERYTHING I SAID ON THIS PAGE.Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

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Look forward my dear. I have been where you are and many tears were shed just as you did. But God held and guided me all those times I cried at losing a love or when I had no one TO love! I understand your story completely and I said as I read "Yes I did that too!"

God is faithful my dear. As long as you trust God to bring that "special someone who loves you for who you are" into your life, he will do it! I am living proof of that!

I am 66 years young and have never married but God has answered my prayer for his mate for me that I prayed when I was just 25. I've waited 41 years and God's time has come because I will be marrying my God-presented wife next year. Both of us know that we never married before because God was working in his time to bring us together at the right time for his glory and honor.

Don't despair sweetie. There is someone special just for you in this world and God is working to bring the two of you together at the right time....God's time.

Remain strong in faith for the answer to your heart's desire because it will come to pass! Count on it!

Your friend,

We can't change the past, but we can learn from it to make our future better. That one person *will* come, but until then there are still so many things you can do with your life. Keep loving everyone and everything! And it will all come back to you

Live to love, and you will love to live


I have done that for many years. But love still alludes me

Some of us were made to be alone , to always make the wrong choices , to go throught life feeling like u do right now .that's the truth and it sucks .

Being alone is not necessarily the result of making a wrong choice! Not everyone has to have "that special someone" to feel complete - there are people that are comfortable and confident enough, and like themselves enough to be alone and be fine with it!

I was just like you. Perhaps fewer tears, as we men do, although I had those too. Like yourself, I felt the most acute pain seeing couples hand in hand.

Then, at age 59, I met my sweetheart on a dating site. Loved blossomed by my 60th birthday. It's over now, we could not take it to full, lifetime commitment. But I'm grateful for having lived though these mature-age years. It would have been a great loss to die at 58.

You are a woman, so you might more easily identify with my sweetheart. She was same age as me, only one month younger. This means she was also 59 when we met. She had a similar background of decades spent without love. We now still meet occasionally, and we call each other "my first love". Seriously, this happened at 60.

I told this story to give you hope.

Every word is what I wanna say...Last weekends, I just can't stop crying and feel so lonely.
Life can be cruel no matter how hard you try..

Stay strong and remeber that you can still have a bright future to look forward to if you just apply yourself more in the areas you have made mistakes.

I returned from Afganastan 6 weeks ago to find my wife pregnant. I have been gone a year....A Year! In that year, I have killed, I cheated death. I would ache with the thought of being away from her. The most hurtful point of this is, we tried so many times to get pregnant when I was home before. The Drs. Said we should give up and adopt. That was what I was living for. Is this punishment for killing all those insurgents?

Please don't feel like that, you are not being punished at all. You are amazing for what you have done. Your wife has done what she's done and it cannot be controlled now. Learn from this experience and move on, you deserve better and you will find it. When life isn't plain sailing - enjoy the diversion x

I feel the same. Hang in there. Everyone deserves to be loved and what's meant to be will be. Don't give up.

Never give up, lady. Life is the best gift from God to us and we should make the world even better.

Don't lead her astray. The best gift from god was salvation a chance of redemption of our sins. All man fallen short of the glory of god and do not deserve to go to heaven but by grace we was saved. The grates gift was god favor in us not life. Life is terrible. Everyday is a heart brake astasis. We are not to love this world nor the things in it. i hate to sound so hard but life is ugly not beautiful. Heaven is beautiful. Earth is a guest house for gods children, not a home. We are here to serve a perpus what ever that may be then return to him :)
Life can be taken away in a split second. I do not count on tomorrow it is not promised. Woe woe don't get comfortable and say in your heart safety, for suddenly destruction come upon man. The rapture is imminent, seek the face of our lord while he still may be found, Aman

Same old, and time gaps are a forum to registry, where all your thoughts are assembled and become concise. A challenge if well met revisits a new embodiment of love. Love embodies all of us and is meant to share.
Step away, look away, detach, and acknowledge your problems.
Now you know your own true worth, and wether it is based on selfish motivation, then relations with anyone become too painful.
Jesus said everything is created to be destroyed, and it is a selfish act, to call upon those who have passed for love, support, and to win the lottery.
You have your own ability to create life or destroy it. including your own well oiled SOUL.
It has taken us many life times to achieve a semblance of order, and you like me, and everyone human on the planet, has been all over this like a shot from hell!
Now you have been there to Hell I mean, what did you bring back with you, that will now shed the light of your love and dreams?
Come out! You're suffering soul will find you the answers you seek!
Keep your power to overcome, and give it to another in need. No one will be lesser of a person for this act of benevolence. This is the path of the devout, it brings respect, and a moral obligation. Time invented by human beings destroys life and makes death appealing. Time destroys more able bodied persons than anything. Why? because it is an extension of ourselves, and a mirror imagery of us, now and in all of our life times. What have you spent the most time on and how has this culminated.
If you are looking at life and death then you are walking the parallels in life, that will truly take you to hell, and then you can visualize the real you.
The answers always are in the light, but the origins are found deep within the recesses of your own mind!
Well then how does our minds work? How do we draw in the light individually? You are already doing it because the parallels have given way to the almighty upright.
Man circumvented the globe using a Peri Reis Map, with latitude and longitudinal lines. This was long before we as human beings could make maps. Why? We all have to find the parallels first, and then the longitudinal lines of loves progression, become a vision, a gateway, and the cross roads that everyone is on about. A little more help from me! Trees stand up, so do mighty mountains. If you take a picture with a face setting even the tree's have faces! Come alive, live, as we all, animate and inanimate have faces of the past!
Low and behold, I've found one Moars answer!

Do not fret, my lady. Let your personality and passion radiate. You will attract the same

I hope that one day my past eludes my memory, and I too have a purpose.

I feel the same pain that you express in every word. I am sorry for your pain, and for all those tears...my tears brought me to this site tonight. I can't make it better for you or me, I just want you to know I know what you might be feeling. I wish you some peace of heart and mind.

u have summed up what i feel.....so why not talk to me and share ....iv heard speaking out helps

Oh.I regret 6 years of my life.Must be difficult to regret something at this age.

You described a big part of my life .... I have regret, feeling all the time I didn't play my cards right. I always feel defeated and cry and cry and cry. I actually look forward to dying.

I look forward to dying, too. Actually, I have a fantasy that I could just trade places with a child or anyone, actually, that was dying...someone that is loved by a family, and that THEY could live and I could take their place...and then I would have had a purpose in this life.

omg -- I have the same fantasy. Just yesterday I heard in church that someone's 3 year old has double tumors and not long to live. I prayed and asked God why can't it be me. Why can't I change w/someone who has a family that loves them.Life is horrible, I dread getting out of bed, I dread looking for a job. The only thing I look forward to is coming on here and sharing my stories and encouraging others who need a lift too.

You have put into words what many feel. Lost loves, opportunities etc. Being a 50yo bloke (male) I forever sit home alone and think of just that and at times, have a cry and am never ashamed of that. For all the love lost or the one way love I have shown and had it thrown in my face, I have managed to pick myself and go on, sad at times, lonely most but in truth, do not think I would have it any other way. Over the years you look at things more clearly than in the moment, and letting my emotions out in private (and sometimes in public) has always been a good thing for me. I too look at couples together, straight, gay etc and wonder why can I now be like that, why can I not have that but maybe it was not meant to be and that I accept. Life can be cruel and so can be people, but I myself, I learn from that in many differing ways. But that is me.

I understand. Being a guy, I don't cry much, hardly actually. But after about a month or two without a single tear, I think of all the wrong I've done. Then I remember being betrayed by my own church. They just dumped me like I was lost cause, but I'm just a lonely kid looking for answers. Then I think of my future, which seems gone to me now, because I don't know what to do or expect next. I think of all my friends who I let drift away. So I literally have no one. But I think I prefer to be alone. & even after typing this, I didn't come close to tears at all, but in a few weeks I'll probably just break into tears until my eyes hurt. I feel you. It happens to us all.

It sounds terrible but it's comforting to know this doesn't just happen to me. Please don't feel lonely. I think its the worst feeling. Maybe to take your mind off of it you could volunteer at an animal shelter or a homeless shelter. Animals are great mood boosters and helping the homeless can help you realize how fortunate you are. Sure, its self denial but i think its healthy self denial

Are you a child of my god? He fills me up with love always when i ask for it. My love is Jesus, he can be yours too. Forget about couples too much uncleanness in this world. I for the most part given up on relationships at a very young age, sacrifice for wisdom and to my soul safety sake :) too many will burn in hell because of lustful desires >.<
better safe then sorry.True love is with the lord, love here on earth is but a moment. The lord can love you for ever and ever :)
i know your pain, too many do. have been there so many times before. I have sacrificed so much of myself for someone who did not care to have a relationship for me, woe woe woe unto me for making that mistake >.< learned my lesson, i have past up so many oppritunities for love with others for some1 i could not have, woe woe woe unto me i made foolish choices my own heart deceived me. I have gotten to meet the lord Jesus Christ one on one, it is up to you to believe me or not, mock scoff and all yah want xD if you will? if you want to meet and know the lord, in scripture he say, seek the kingdom of heaven 1st then the rest will be added unto you :D
seek and you will find. we are in the end times, no time better then now to get filled up with the holy spirit. Fast pray, repent of sins, ask god to reveal himself to you. Ask day after day night after night, there eventually come a time he will reveal himself unto you if you stay faithful!:D god has shown me judgement and many other things like the rapture in dreams and the works of Lucifer and his people. This information is exclusive and you will not get it anywhere nor everywhere most lie in these last days. Be wise my the right choice :)

:) thank you

I cry sometimes as well. I wonder about the things I could have been doing or the person I could have been. But, I guess if we look at ourselves in the mirror at least we can say that no one else is us, no one has the done the things we have done to make us.... us. And I guess that is what make it beautiful. Cheer up. your amazing, your wonderful, you are perfectly imperfect. And the world would not be the world with out you. Thank you

I know how you feel, I feel the exact way.. I know i am young and stillhave a lot ahead of me, but i always wanted to know what it's like to have someone who really loves me and treats me good. My fear is that i'd never get to experience that. You and I both deserve someone who will love us for who we are.. I guess we have to wait.

Do not worry. Love finds a way of being in a form you least expect. So dont cry. Your heart may ache and you might not feel loved at the moment, but i assure you: you ARE loved. Its just up to you to realize by who.

where you from?

Believe me..I know how it feels :'( ..I really know.. I donĀ°t know what to tell .. I still hope in the good moments...those who would make me to forget the bad ones..and the whole the years that I wasted..I think that maybe one day even we the good persons who have a lot of good things to give and a lot of love will find something good :'( .. .maybe..

always hope great ......in life there comes certain circumstances where one has to accept it so unwillingly...but hey dont mood off coz maybe there's someone so excellent person waiting over for ya..good luck

Sweetie, you can't dwell on the past and wonder where you went wrong. You just make yourself miserable doing that. Our lives are to be lived. You have to stick yourself out there and enjoy it. You will find them. My grand father died in 1970. My Grandmother stayed alone for many years, then love found here out of nowhere. She got married again at 68 yrs old.

I feel your pain you are not alone. I cry I struggle with life decisions. I'm 28 filled with sadness. Full of shame I can't ever look back I can only go forward. But I'm stuck in this hole can't find the light.I lost everything my pride self respect. I wish I never was born.

Don't worry all good things come to those who wait but better things come to those who are patient. Just those couples you see might not even be that happy at all they might be putting on masks. Just try and find something else like friends and family that make you happy. Making friends could also lead to relationships. I'm 14 so I probably can't answer your question that well but I just thought I'd try. Hope you fell better. Live long and prosper.

You're still young. Love is out there if you're willing to look for it. Good luck and good life.

don't lose hope because u're still alive and in a good health , it's never too late , i will pray for you to never cry again and be happy and find your true love !

I regret too much, it's too late for me but not for you

Sweetheart until they pour dirt over my grave it will never be to late...

I know the feeling but this site helped me to decide to make changes before I let my life pass me by. I hope to find someone who will truely be by my side one day.

Like myself if you never give up there is always hope...I believe you will be happy and find the perfect woman for you

Never give up,Prince charming is still looking.He just has not found you yet.

aaaww, I do the same thing often! so many wasted years and lost loves! But be a little bit happy as you have a great bunch of supportive friends on ep. Here's a big hug for you,, ''BIG HUG'' lol. cuddles

I have been in a loveless marriage for many years now. I stay for many different reasons. too numerous to go into right now. I too sit and cry many days, and nights. I long for someone to love me just as I am. To care for me and just hold me close. The only things that keep me going is my faith in God!! I can't believe He wants me to be alone the rest of me life. Hold on someone will come!! When we both least expect it!! I guess we both need to trust that God has a plan for us! And hold a positive thought, as difficult as it can be at times. Maybe if we both see happiness in store for each other, we will both get our wish!!~

love you..big bear hugs to u... i also feel alone without him....:( the one who really deserve me... or if he doesnt exist... or if i dont deserve anyone...for sure hugs to you

bless your heart!............................don't feel bad a bout crying, it is good to let go of them tears.<br />
<br />
One day there will be love and happiness coming your way, you deserve it more than anything, your such a wonderful person and always there to support and help others.<br />
<br />
Love and hugs to you right now<br />
<br />

It is okay to cry. It's even okay to pity yourself and reflect but you have an admirable spirit for resiliency, compassion and strength, those gifts will see you through this pain and heal you along the way. You are deserving of complete happiness and peace, you will find it someday I assure you, just don't give up on yourself. We'll be by your side every step of the way just so you know ;) can't have you tripping without supportive rails!

You are special, Vlow. You have a wonderful soul and heart. Hugs

Life IS cruel. And I am a YOUNG GUY still learning from those mistakes. I have found myself in the DUMPS in the last 12 months, with no one apparently CARING. Thankfully this place helped a BIT, as well as other people in my life that I REUNITED with. Cartwright wishes you the best, you're a great woman!!!!!

You rock the house!.......any guy would be lucky to have you for a companion.

And I will pray with you. Father, this young lady has a good and amazing heart and I know how much you love her. I pray that you send the right man to her, to love her and cherish her. Father I pray that her heart is filled with your love and peace while she waits<br />

Thank you