I Cry When I Think Of The Past And How I Became

When I remember what I have done in my past I just cry and regret every moment that have done in my past especially when it's following you everywhere and you can't forget it

I wish there is something in life make you forget everything and get over these feeling. I tried my best but I couldn't.

Sorry my writing isnt good.
Lonleyguy12 Lonleyguy12
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What happened exactly?

Yeah, me too.. I know how u feel. I think about the past a lot too..

How easy it is for us to forget things we want to remember, and remember the things we want to forget. The past is past, sure, but I can't stop living in it. I can't escape it. I distract myself as much as possible, and yet it still comes back to slap me in the face and remind me of all of the stuff I hate myself for. If only the brain had a true erase button!

my experience is a bit different.me i cry so often and iam always unhappy but not because of what i did but because i dont know what to do.iam very much depressed by my life and by some health problem that i have failed to get medication for.i have lived a life of being an orphan and so iam confused i never know what i should do.every part of my life is difficult and i feel like what can i do.

I know this feeling because I feel unhappy all the time. Everyone tells me it will get better someday. So we have to wait and see how it will get better.