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That's My Day

This is my day LITERALLY. My boyfriend leaves for work about 2:30pm. I sometimes go with him then walk to a friends house. That is about three times a week. I come home around six I will do laundry or clean the kitchen. Fortunately and unfortunately my house is always clean so I never have much cleaning to do, which means I have nothing much to do at home.

I sit around the house, reading, or on the computer till about 10pm I then start dinner or whatever it is that needs to be done before my boyfriend comes home. He gets home around 12am. We eat dinner and the rest of the night is simply amazing. I love being with him.

However, with NOTHING to do during the day. I sit around thinking about everything! I question if how I am living my life is right, if the next thing I will do is wrong I mean its horrible and I hate it! I realized that this whole sitting around thinking thing is not good so I did start going to a friends house a few times a week like I mentioned earlier. I have talked to my boyfriend about getting a job. He doesn't obviously care about me working, but the summer is coming and his son is staying with us for the summer. He is six years old. It would almost be pointless to get a job then have to quit it in just a few short months.

I figured I would try something else. I tried doing online surveys and setting up an Ebay account because it at least gets me doing a little bit of something. So far I am either too young or inexperienced to take the surveys and I am waiting on someone else to help with the Ebay. So here I am back to square one...thinking...questioning

Fortunately, going to my friends has helped a lot and I do enjoy it for the most part. I also believe I am learning how to relax and not question things AS much. =)
shellzz shellzz 18-21, F Mar 27, 2012

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