Pointless Life Of Mine

Well it's been a month that i dropped out of the college.it was for financial reasons but i also didn't like the course i was in.i hated dentistry always but my parents forced me to choose it as my degree and now they don't have money so i had to drop out.
They are sad but not me.
i'm spending my days in front of my computer.i don't have any job.any useful skill.
I'm a lesbian and i love a girl but i can't tell her cause i'm broke.
My life is pathetic.
I wanted to commit suicide but i couldn't.
rita666 rita666
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012


firstly live is the gift from God and so don't think to finish this gift. 2nd things life is the name of bull who is always ready to hit hard and so be a fighter....... don't get hurt by it infect make it that tired that you can ground it. .......... world is open for you ............ finance is nothing it comes and goes .......the one which remain in bank has no use so never get sad because of finance .......... same is about the girl .................... their are millions of girls waiting for you but this is some thing you have build your self once again.......... think abut the life what you want to do make your goals and then make plan for those that how can you achieve them and believe you me within no time your girl will be with you and you will be studying in your fev subject.

if you like to discuss more and shere i am available on skype aasimaali