D'you Know It's Raining?

A while back, I was out shopping.  When I called my ride to take me home, I learned that she was running late and I'd have to wait a while. 

No problem.  I parked on a bench outside the store to wait.

And then it started to rain.  No problem!  It was mid-summer, so both the air and rain were warm.  I didn't hear any thunder, and while it was raining relatively hard, it wasn't pouring.  So rather than go back inside and freeze in their excessive AC, I chose to stay put and enjoy the rain.

I got so many weird looks!  People hurried in and out of the store, rushing to get out of the rain...and there I sat, smiling at the world and slowly getting soaked.

For all the odd looks I got, only one person spoke to me. 

He was a young-ish man, gangly and awkward; sandy of hair and large of nose.  He stopped directly in front of me and stood there, looking.  I sat still, smiling back at him.  After a long moment, he spoke.  "D'you know it's raining?"

I wanted to laugh.  I didn't.  "Yes," I told him.  "I like the rain."

He didn't seem to know what to do with that.  He muttered an "oh" and hurried on his way.

I was amused.  Eventually my ride arrived, and questioned my sanity for sitting in the rain like that. 

I really didn't care.  I'd enjoyed myself.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Mar 8, 2012