Sitting To Pee

I was curious as I am starting out sitting to pee if there is something you can wear that would not allow you to cheat. So if you had the urge to stand it would not allow you because you would pee all over yourself. I know I want to sit to pee but I don't know if I have the wil power over time.
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It depends on how far down the road you want to go with this, really. Clothing with a side or rear opening - or something like a tight pantygirdle - would make it awkward and embarrassing to stand to do it in public but wouldn't physically prevent it.

A Prince Albert piercing certainly makes it messy, especially with a large gauge in there, and it's definitely an acquired technique to still do it standing up.

However, if your goal is to actually prevent yourself being able to pee other than sitting down for it, then I suspect taping or "tucking" as it's known is the way to go.

you can also use a vagina prosthesis.

Try wearing dungarees (overalls if you are in America). Many either don't have a front opening, or have a false one, so you can't just stand at the urinal and pee. I have several, most also have the straps sewn on to the bib permanently so that I have to pull the straps down over my shoulders - which in turn means I have to take off anything I am wearing over the top before I can start.<br />
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Of course, having ******** off you can still stand to pee if you want to, but it can't really be done in public!

Now you have me thinking... I know that my age was between 6 and 9. My Mom knew that I cross dressed. Mom told me one day that girls sit to pee. I took it to heart and have sat to pee ever since. <br />
I tryed to pee standing up about 15 years ago at a football game. After trying for several minutes I had to use a stall and sit.<br />
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Great article, thank you for sharing.

Side zipper skirt or dress. A Prince Albert could make it difficult !!!!!! Joie Bee

Are there trousers without a front opening for men's sizes, or are you suggesting women's trousers?

yes it could be womens trousers or some type of panty or whatever

A chastity device will make U sit or pee all over your self .

Thank you for your wonderful comment and ideas