I Have No Choice!

I wear a latex vagina bladder prothesis which when worn has your penis in a sheath which then leads into a formed vagina with labia so you have absolutly no choice but to drop you knickers and sit to pee! It also helps hide that horrible nasty male bulge! Can be a bit humiliating to yourself sometimes as if youre in a friends house or somewhere where you may be heard its impossible not to cover the difference in sound you make when peeing! Also it really adds to my femininity and wanting to undertake a female role as you find you have to sometimes plan to pee! as you just can't go when you want as you have got to sit wheather you want to or not! You also know now why girls have handbags as you need to make sure you have some tissues as moreso in mens loos the cubicles are usually disgusting and never any toilet roll! and with the prosthesis you really do have to wipe yourself like a woman as you dont pee with the normal force and do get wet between your legs on the vagina part of the prosthesis! Remember too to check the gap under the door as like me once I showed the rest of the 'world' in the toilets my pink lacey knickers round my ankles! I never realised the hazard untill I heard abuse and 'suggestions' being made to the 'queer' as they called me, in there banging the door. That was quite frightening and I sat for ages untill I thought it was safe to go out. But having said all that I love to '' Sit when I pee '' !! Be safe everyone.
gurlyruth gurlyruth
2 Responses May 6, 2012

more info./details about buying this product please

A great story, love how well you describe your situations.