Don't Be Ashamed Sweetie

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Of course I sit when I pee. It looks quite silly to stand and lift your dress and pull down your panties and pee. Even in male mode I find standing and aiming into the toilet quite disgusting.
Girls if you lived with me you would have no problem with the seat being left up. lol

For 2 reasons,

First..I am pierced so I have to sit to pee..second, it's so small that sitting is usually the only way I don't pee on the floor..unless I forget to point it when I sit..then inked on the floor 😫

link fixed

Tumblr says access denied???

These were all three years ago...


I love to sit when I pee,feels natural after lowering my panties and I don't have to aim!

I do that a lot and wipe with a piece of bath tissue to keep my panties dry

I always sit It just feels so natural

I do too and I am semi erect when I finish...Please add me

High girl,I'm not ashamed to sit when I pee, even with skintight faded light blue girls jeans on...

I am not allowed to pee any other way then setting. I have promissed to be a fem as possible and that is one of the requirements.

do you desire a chastity cage?

I have always had to sit when I pee. I have a birth defect that makes it necessary. Some ****** wouldn't drop it, and even still crack jokes about me to my face. I have learned to embrace it, and my feminine side. Sammi you are amazing!

very nice love to treated like that too

I would love to hear her pee When she's done I would lick it clean

That position is so cute ^.^
I think I'll start sitting like that now. Having your feet flat on the ground is now out of style!

That may be just what this sissy needs to train herself to always sit when she pees.

how did you know i had to wear a chastity cage? was it that obvious? Glad you like to watch!

I just had a feeling sweetie

Cute, Sammi ... ;-)

Thank you