When in chastity, anyway. Most devices (including those which I own) don't allow for a stream to make it out unobstructed. If I don't want to make a mess, I've got to sit. (I could probably go in a urinal, but then you risk your device being seen by anyone who stands next to you and you're unable to clean the drips out of the tip of the device.)

My desire is to be forced to sit when I pee, like a girl, and this is as close as I can easily get to it. Recently, I've been turned onto the idea of having a urethral reroute which would definitely "force" me to sit (even having to wipe and keep the area clean like a girl.)
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A urethral relocation will certainly take care of that problem, once it is done you won't have any choice other than sitting or squatting since you will have a new meatus (pee hole) between your legs so you can only pee like a girl.