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Sitting In Poopy Panties

Its now 7.30 p.m (our time) and iam sitting here in a pair of very messy panties, rose coloured bikini panties the bulge is soft and mushy and very smelly, i pooped in them 2 hours ago, the poo is all mashed up against my bum and iam a dirty little stinky girl, i may take a shower soon, or i may just sit in them longer.
mells mells 31-35, F 7 Responses Jul 30, 2012

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i love girls in **** and poop panties in them all day and all night and i get turned on all the time from the girls every time.

I would love to watch you poop in you panties as your load bulges them and stay in those panties for most of the day and see them get stained brown, then lay on the bed and mash your poop all over your bum.

Are your panties nylon or cotton?

you need a bath

what fun!!!<br />
you're such a great gal!!!<br />
your post gave me a lovely stiffy!!!

Sexy... dirty little stinky the way you write about sexy things!<br />
The thought of you sitting in them longer is very sexy indeed...enjoy...before the inevitable clean up...

Hi Mells, good for you, glad you enjoyed it. I love those moments too.