First Time

I finally was able to poo my diaper for the first time today! Still have not changed.. not looking forward to that part but glad I finally did it! I tried several times but either had nothing or jsut couldnt!
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The quickest clean up you can do is go into the bathroom take off the poopy diaper put it into a carrier bag have a shower wash all the poop off your bum and stuff then once your out the shower dry yourself with a towel and get dressed then go chuck the poopy diaper in the bin

Well done! :)

Feels so good

mmmm :) welcome to my world

Once your mindset has been deflected away from the lessens taught to you since your "Potty Training Days" till now you will be able to experience the freedom of total relaxation and using your diapers will be less of an effort. You may, if you don't let "Stigmas of the Norm" influence you, get to a point where you will actually need to wear diapers and not just because they are a fetish. I will gladly help with your UN-potty training.

Cleanup can be a bit of a hassle...and the smell can linger...but it's still fun to do every once in a while. I find it's best if you are hairless, cause the hairs trap the, um, solids and they don't want to wash off easily.

add meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as ur friend

The first time's always the weirdest and the hardest. Cleanup can be a chore sometimes, but usually a quick shower does the trick for me.

Was it a rush or what? Congratulations!