Full Diaper

Sometimes it happens that I fill my diaper while sitting in front of my computer. For me doing this is a big turn on while chatting with friends or looking at some dirty pics.

Who else loves doing this?


xx,   Amanda


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Anytime is the right time. Wait till you fill one while out. Relax an enjoy
Hugs tee her

Did that just yesterday. woke up first thing spread my bed protector and then promptly peed my diaper. afterward I lubed up my prostate massager and inserted it in my bum. For the next 3 hours I looked at EP and some other sites untill my diaper started leaking and then I had phone sex.

Me too have a soaked diaper on now and then going to have some Diaper fun


I've done it while ************ and coming

I do

I also love sitting in a wet and messy nappy and rubber pants while on EP,doing it now and enjoying it,regards rubberdiv.

I still wish you'd add me,I really want to be your freind!

I love it too. Sitting here right now with a very full diaper and feels great ! I'm not going to change a new one soon,I will wear this for hours.

Will you poop your big girl pants for me?

Love to chat while diapered. sitting here now in wet poopy diaper. Would love pooping with you on yahoo chat. babyandypoopypants yahoo.

I just took 3 depends put them on with a tight pair of jeans. I wet the diaper really good. Then went looking for some thing else tight to put on over the jeans. I found a pair of tight shorts that I had to lay down on the bed to get them fastened. I have peed more in my diaper while at the computer. Drinking now to try and get desperate one more time tonight. Sitting in this full over loaded diaper is kinda fun. It is fun to sit at the computer and relax and pee!

i 2 am single lady and love to poop while i read EP or watch some nice **** and poop ****.<br />
nothing quite like the feeling of warm soft poop squashing into your panties. mmmmm i am getting horny just thinking of it!

I love to do it. There is nothing better than a nappy full of poop. And sitting here in it is fantastic. Drop me a line and we could chat if you like.

i love to fill either my diaper or my pants while looking at EP

There's nothing else quite like filling your pants while chatting, especially when they're doing the same.

i love the desperation before . i allways like to be the one who makes you wait a little longer and wait and wait .

I do & it's loads of fun!! I love pooping load of warm mush into my diapers while chatting online & with my partners, out in public discreetly of course, etc. It's exhilarating!

Let go in front of the comp. it's a great turn on and so relaxing. Doesn't matter if you wear a diaper or just let it go in your pants.

I love to fill my diaper an time

very nice story! i love it. but it's better without diaper! ^^<br />
<br />
please check out my stories on my profilepage. thx

While i have never done it, i haven't worn a diaper since i was a kid, There is just some thing so sexy, kinky and taboo about a women wearing one. Not to mention I'm obsessed with anything that deals with Golden showers, pee play, desperation... I hope you share more of your stories. :)

I love bieng diapered in front of the computer. that way I do not need to go to the potty and stop what I am doing!

How else would one spend time on the computer? being wet and messy while chatting with some one else who is in the same condition is a great way to spend time

I do too, and I think you will find that an awful lot more pants poopers like to do it while on the computer!

I love too do this aswell.I love to see pictures of guys and girls wearing diapers and messsing them and also love to watch people poop and pee there pants.I tend to drop a hug load in my diaper whilst sitting on the computer.Then i go play with myself and my poop.I often fantasize about hoping to see a girl wearing a messy diaper under her short almost mini-skirt.