Fantasy Brides, an international marriage agency that brings American men to China for marriage has a very interesting new marketing campaign in China. The company says the response has been overwhelming, offering Chinese women the opportunity to meet not only American and foreign men, but also promises that these men are four to eight centimeters longer on average when compared to the average Chinese man.

James Coldwell, the marketing director of Fantasy Brides says, "The idea came after we were filming women telling us why they wanted to meet American and European men. Over fifty percent of the women stated that American men had a reputation for being much larger than Chinese men and had a greater sex drive. With a recent report showing Chinese women to have the highest sex drive of any industrialized county, it only made sense matching American men and Chinese women together. Because the Chinese women are much more petit than American women the average guy can feel like Ron Jeremy - a **** star." Not only will the men get to meet women that can appreciate their size, but also can meet women who are open to marring men ten to twenty years their senior. In most Asian cultures, women considering marriage with older men is quite normal. Older men are more experienced, stable, and have more wisdom, whereas younger Asian men are less mature and not ready to start a family. When we first decided to run the ad we never dreamed of the responses we would get. We hoped the ad would increase sign ups by ten to twenty percent, but we saw more than a 350 percent increase. Out of all the ads we ran this one had the best response. And because the women must sign up in our offices we had to greatly increase our staff. "

When asked what would stop other agencies from running the same type of ads, Brad replied, "Because we are based and incorporated in Hong Kong we can legally advertise in China media outlets, where almost all our competitors are based in Europe or North America and cannot place ads in mainland China.

So size really does matter, at least in marketing.
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Aug 19, 2014