The Age Old Question Does Size Matter?

Sex and Love ain't the same thing
I like my love making slow and tame
But with sex I like it fast and hot.
It makes a difference what you got
Size does matter alot
It's not everything in sex
But it helps alot.
The motion can make up for the lack of size
But a big one is a prize
It gives a woman the feeling of fullness if it's big and thick
The motion ain't that important if he has a big ****
It stimulated the **** as it moves in and out
And It's long enough to hit that sweet spot
I don't strain my back reaching for what's not
The thoughts of a big one sure makes me hot
It's like in a car.
The bigger the motor the faster you get there
The faster you get there the more trips there are
But in love you can overlook the small things.
It's not his fault how high it hangs
But the truth is size does matter for most
If the girls could build there lovers from parts
A small **** wouldn't be her start
A nice one would be best
It would meet all the the test
I girl will lie to help the guy's feelings
The truth is a big one is more pleasing
Sorry guys it's the truth
If given a choice she wants a nice one
They are lots more fun

But with love it don't matter about that body part
What matters is your heart
But most women would call a big one a good start
So if you have a small one keep it at home
You don't have the equipment to roam.
Only love can make up for a small ****
There is no way on the road you can be called the perfect pick
So keep the wife you have and be true and kind
Because in hot wild sex you wouldn't be a great find
Be glad sex and love ain't the same
Because a small **** can sure be tame
But with love you are the man no matter how small
Love makes your **** big and your height tall
Keep what you have at home if you have a small one and smart
Keep the wife in your heart
Love is a feeling better than any big **** can give a girl
So you small dicks have hope and give love a whirl
But size does matter to most when it comes to a hot mind blowing **** on the side

DiWard DiWard
31-35, F
7 Responses Nov 27, 2012

that is very nice play back and forth there. lovely poem that creates several emotions.

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Nice poem and truthful thoughts, I believe. I am lucky though because my wife thinks my teenie weenie, while not long, is plenty for her because she said it gets very hard and is big around. I was talking to her today and I told her my teenie weenie was too small. She told me that when she ****** a guy with a 10" ****, although his **** was very big, it did not get very hard, so it was not as good as she expected. Although, my wife did **** him for about 2 years, so it must have been good.

We all tell our men thatPlease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

I woman wants the feeling of fullness. Yes most of the feeling don't go deep but I have what I call my sweet spot. It's takes a more than average **** to reach it. But if a guy is thick it don't matter. His shaft will rub my **** as he strokes it. But that said if he's thick and long enough to hit that sweet spot I go wild. Just hang on for the ride of your life.
But there is sex and there is love. Love over rides all. Love trumps size. I love a good hard pounding from a large ****. But there is nothing like making love for hours. What I'm saying is if you have a average **** take time to enjoy the foreplay. Done right I can be brought to a climax with hands a lips. Sex is for fun love is forever.

I agree 100% that love trumps size. Fortunately my wife thinks I have magic fingers. I can make her squirt so much that she literally soaks the bed. She will arch her back up into the air, all of her muscles tighten, and won't release until she has finished her ******, also her eyes roll back in her head. She can't hear anything and she almost faints. sometimes Iworry she might have a heart attack. This is all true. I guess I am lucky I am good with my fingers.

Yea, that is the truth...

Well doubt in my mind that a thicker **** would be a pleasure to my wife...

Very poetic. You put a lot of thought into it :)