Not Fulfilling My Sexual Potential

If I am honest with myself I have always been bisexual but I have only had a handful of gay experiences giving and receiving which I loved but struggled with feelings of shame and fear of someone finding out. I am married now and my lively wife is completely unaware of my limited history. And the way she has shown a dislike of male gay interactions I know I could never share with her my bi fantasies because she would be repulsed and feel scared that I don't want her. I am however left with my intense fantasies which I want to make come true. I know I would be good fun In a group situation a would happily give and receive to everyone and from everyone. I am equally turned on from men and women and therefore and couple made up of a man and a women is my ultimate fantasy. It is a shame however I am not married to an open minded partner that I could share this with because if I am lucky enough to share fun with a fully open minded couple I will have to keep it a secret from my wife which is far from ideal.

I would love to meet a good looking couple to share some unrestricted fun. :-)
Rumy69baby Rumy69baby
36-40, M
Nov 29, 2012