Bad Reserve Landing...

I went out skydiving yesterday with my wife for Mother's Day. I've got over 800 jumps and she has over 600, so we are experienced jumpers. We did a very relaxed two-way just her and I, playing around in free fall and then breaking off at a normal altitude. That was when everything started to go a little different than I planned.

My main got line twists on it so bad that I couldn't kick out of them. Instead, they put me into a flat spin that was unrecoverable. Next thing to do is chop the main and go to the reserve. when the reserve was fully deployed, I was under 1000 ft, and it decided that it would give me line twists as well. The reason I figure I got the line twists on the reserve was because I have a reserve static line that pops the reserve when I get rid of the main and I was in a spin when that happened.

So now I have line twists on the reserve, and they are not wanting to clear.At least I was not in a flat spin like I had been on my main. There was a mild turn, but nothing too bad. Even so, I fought to clear those all the way to touchdown. I landed, going backwards, in between two rows of grape vines in a vineyard.

I scratched my elbow and got a bruise above my left eye. I probably had a concussion as well, the first few minutes after landing are a bit fuzzy for me. My wife was annoyed at me for scaring her like that, but I walked away with very little that was actually hurt.

analogguy analogguy
41-45, M
May 14, 2012