I Enjoy Slapping An Older Man In Public

I enjoy to slap a man in a store or in a restaurant in front of other people.

Especially if he is 10 to 15 years older than me, the people get very surprised and it's very humiliating for him.

Then I expect him to apologize and to thank me for slapping him. If he doesn´t do it immediately, I tell him that I am expecting his apologize after I have slapped him again.
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wish i was in the places you are you are my type of lady maam

This is hot - i love a hot girl to slap my face, as hard as she can!

I'm ready to apologize!

Thank you! smile...

my 0wn 0pini0n i d0 n0t like the fact a person slaping another person(unless for a very good reson) but if it is for plesuRe or anything of that matter you are into sum messed up stuff.but if u b0th like it g0 ahead and slap the sh*t out of him.

Hi Christian,<br />
It is not the great public. It happens for example in a clothing store in front of the saleswomen. this is very embarrassing, but it bothers no one. Recently said a saleswoman that her boyfriend would well deserve a slapping as well. <br />
If a man doesn´t like to be treated like that, he is free to leave.

There's a good reason to slap men in public. They will be absolute obedient afterwards and they will worship you.

it is a natural response to obey after a good face slapping...i was in a McDonald's and this young girl was standing in front of me and when she finished ordering her food she said he's gonna pay for it and slapped me right across the face-and you know what i did.

I want to be obedient and i want to worship you you are absolutly right we deserve this and the humiliation.

please tell me you have a really important reason for doing that, except for enjoying it...

Sometimes I do have a really important reason for doing, finaly to enjoy it and having fun is reason enough.

i enjoy being slapped in my face by women but not in public <br />
and also i love to thank her after every slap

Man get slapped by me where ever I like to slap them.

Oh you really are a diva please i beg you add me

they must be lucky men to get a face slap from you

you could slap me whenever and wherever you want!

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