Sleep Assault

Two Unexpected Night Visitor

I guess this should be labeled ‘Sleep Assault’ I allowed two young men who are friends of my son to spend the summer at my home, at first they behaved and we all had a lot of fun. I took them to the museums and out to the clubs, I dine them along with my other lady friends. So I was not a lone with them and I had a few of my girl friends spent the nights with me as I did not want them to be with just me. At my pool I always wore one of my micro-bikini and when we went out I always dress in my sexiest clothes. I would at times revel section of my body to whomever would be looking my way. I did have day dreams of what it would be like to have both of them in my bed, but I also did not let myself indulge in any affaire with them as I did not know them that well. Summer wa over and in two days they would be leaving to return to their campus dorm. My girl friends left and I was alone with these two strong and handsome young men. I left my bedroom door unlock and I was sleeping naked on my king size bed. I heard my bedroom door open and heard them talking low to each other, I knew that they were coming to explore my body. I am not tall and my figure is 38DD/24/34 with no fat anywhere on my skin tight body. I felt my legs being spread wide and I was being pulled to the edge of my bed. I let them dra my body to where they wnated me to be. Next one of them turn me over and the other prop some pillows under my tummy, my *** was up in the air and I was on my knees. The other position himself under my breast so that his **** would be in my mouth, while the other **** was being bury in my *****. I started to suck on the **** in my mouth while the other started to pound my ***** with his nine-inch ****. I was enjoying what they were doing to me, I also had to pretend that I was still a sleep, which was hard to do as I was enjoying them. Then they traded places and started all over again, well I had enough of this and I woke up to sucking hard on the **** in my mouth while the other was banging hard my anus, he dumps his entire load in my ***. I sat up and told them I want to have them both at the same time, with both their ****’s in me. I had one place his **** in my ***** and the other in my anus with me in the middle. They loved having me ride their ****’s and I enjoyed their young hard ***** in me. Next I gave each one a blow job and now that they were hard again. I told them I wanted one of them to **** me in my ***** doggie style, while I suck the other one. I told them not to dump their load until I was ready for them to do so. If they were going to explode their *** to pull out of me and to calm down as I had plans of my own of what I wanted. After the first one pulled out of my ***, I stopped sucking on the one I was sucking. We smoked some pot and drank some Brandy then back upstair we went one patted me on my butt checks and I giggle and told him I was going to punish him for being bad.
Once in my bed I told the tallest one to eat me out, and the other to rim out my anus at the same time. They did, and I loved their tongues. Next I told them I wanted them to pound my ***** and my anus and to show me no mercy. I had the one with a ten-inch **** lay down on my bed so that I could have his **** in my ***** and i like a frog ontop of him, my legs wee on the outside of his frame and the other had his **** upin my anus. The other I toldf him to shove it into my anus hard with his nine-inch **** and that they were to do their best in slam ******* me. I would be hanging onto the one under me. They began and I was moaning so loud I know my neighbor must have heard me, the one under me stuck his big finger into my mouth and I suck on it like I was sucking on his ****. We slept together and all the next day they **** me and I enjoyed being **** by them. I told them if they told any of their friends at the university what they did with me this summer, I would not be inviting them back. They promise not to tell anyone cause they wanted to come back for more of me. And I wanted them to come back. The last night they were with me, we must have **** until three in the morning, at lease seven hours and we stop for some weed and brandy. These two young men took me on my living room floor, in the laundry room, in my hot tube and well every where including at night out on my back secured yard and in the guest bedroom. They **** me in the bathroom large tube I was **** in every room in my home and I enjoyed having them do me in all the rooms.
Both of the stand six foot seven or taller. I am only five foot four in my bare feet, I wish I was five foot six, but it seems the young studs like ******* me for my sizes. Also they told me that they like ******* a mama and I am a mama for sure. One told me he never knew his own mom and well he never had a mother to teach him the things that a mother can teach. His father was very strict with how he was educated and that he was always shay around the girls. When he came into my bedroom room to do what, he was going to do. He was scared, cause he never had gone all the way with any girl. Will I told him you are no longer a virgin for you have **** me royal. And I loved him and his **** and wanted him to come back a lone some time when he can. He told me he would be back soon. Last night Sept, 12, he did come back and we are enjoying each other. His name is Benjamin and he is the one with a ten inch **** big fat and very, very long ****. When this night over or when he leaves, I will share with all of you what he and I did, OK.

I love sharing with all my Fans as I love all of you very, very much.

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6 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Loved hearing how naughty you can be,, hope the young lads appreciate the education.

very sexy story , I hope to be friend with your son , you are so sexy lady
add me please please

i am happy you had so much fun..........its good to if us young stud such chance to prove to you ladies we have what it takes ,,young and strong....very hard...long lasting pleasure..u you mamas groan.............moan.....

Wow! That is some experience! Thank you for sharing!

wow you are great girl ! are so damn hot and that story was amazing..I am so damn jealous. Luv you gorgeous cleavage