I had originally only slept in my briefs and a T-shirt growing up. When I was about 6 years old, I couldn't go to sleep on a hot and humid night so I took off my briefs and slept in only my T-shirt. I liked the feeling so much that I decided to sleep bare butt from then on, eventually discarding the shirt as well and going completely nude in bed.
I used to sleepwalk often in my younger days, and a couple of months later I remember waking up in my parent's room curled up on the floor. My dad woke up and found me, asking why I was naked. I told him I just liked to be nude. He laughed and said that it must run in the family, as he also slept nude in bed (my mom and brother wore PJs). From the age of 6 onward I have never worn a stitch of clothing in bed, even when camping or sharing beds.
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the only way to sleep/nap...