I almost always fall asleep first. Sometimes he isn't even in the room. But just knowing he will be in our bed in a little bit makes me feel safe enough to fall asleep. At my apartment, I toss and turn on the couch all night, unable to fall asleep. But here, in his (our) bed..this is home, right here. In a little bit he'll come in, slip under the covers, and wrap his strong arms around me. In the morning, we'll begin to stir and cuddle closer. I think the hardest part of every day is slipping away from him and leaving for work or school. It's like that Fall Out Boy song I listened to in middle school, "nothing comes as easy as you, can I lay in your bed all day"? I just feel so...at home.
LeGirl LeGirl
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012