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I Love Wearing Nighties

I have a vast selection of silky nighties, long and short.My favourite nightie's that I wear most of the time are made by Miss Elaine.These are truly the most feminine I have found.Super soft and silky.
They are very much like the vintage night gowns of the 30's and 40's.
I always wear just a nightie to bed.

Claire xx
Claire1965 Claire1965 41-45 12 Responses Dec 5, 2011

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me to

i love wearing nighties to so lovely and sexy im in one now

i have found a lot of nice feminine things at the local goodwill store and they are much less expensive too.

I am out of work I need somebody to buy me some nighties

I simply adore baby doll nighties and the femininity that washes over you when you wear them. My wife enjoys my vulnerability and accessibility every bit as much as I do!

OMG, am l lucky. Been wearing nightgown most of my life. Happily married to a tiny, extremely attractive little gal who has totally accepted my desire for nightgown, as long as I keep Keep her in pretty ones! I happily find, Miss. Elaine Silk Essence, for both of us with an occasional Vanity Fair, or other Vintage for myself. I do use eBay lot, searching for New with tags or old stock. I wear floor length as well as Waltz length depending on the weather. On days we are both home all day you would likely find the both of in nightgowns. Just way too comfortable to change out of. I wear panties too, leaving it at that. My absolute favorite is Miss. Elaine Silk Essence which has the most wonderful feeling, especially the lighter thinner fabric which is just delightful.


well this would seem rather sexy to me however most women who wear nylon nightgown's are are really really old people now, and really really old people do not turn me on

Unfortunately I think you are right, not only nighties though, I think younger women in general have lost the sense of wearing really pretty floaty feminine clothes.

Yet, they seem to be among the strongest complainers of our wanting to wear their lingerie and silkies. Why do they feel they should have it all their way and no equality for us strongly feminine males!! "Doobie" please note that is me in my profile pic and at 72 am still wearing my silky satin and occasionally nylon floor length nightgowns. My 71 year old wife does also in spite of not liking my feminine obsessive love and wearing! One needs to recall that today's "younger women" are the product of the same "equal rights movement" that put most males out of any chances for promotion or job gains. Now they have all the managerial stresses and problems that drove many males crazy years ago. Now we males can relax and let them do their thing while we enjoy all they have chosen to give up and enjoy! Yet they still criticize us femme males who wish to keep silky feminine lingerie and nightgowns/peignoir sets alive and well! There just isn't any justice!!!!

That's for sure, "gra135"!
Actually to be "politically" correct, "NO equal rights for males" might be a better way to say it!!!

so many of the sears stores have closed in so many places. you have to go to the really big cities to find a sears store. (at least that is the way it is in the mid west)<br />
i live in a small town in Iowa and years ago we had a nice big sears store. but they<br />
closed it .Then opened a catalogue(mailorder) store for a short time and then closed it too. so now the nearest sears store is in Des Moines.

I have found some cute nighties and nightgowns at Wal Mart. I don't have the money for the fancy stores!!!

Some years ago, I was able to find and buy many really nice nylon and silk nightgowns for my wife from alot of different stores-- those stores are no longer around and I can no longer find what I..I mean what she's that feel that is the attraction...gotta find that feel know what I mean....

So true [gellis] I know "exactly" what U mean.....

Hi Claire, Like you I have many silky satin calf and floor length nightgowns and peignoir/negligee (don't know what the difference is) sets. Earlier I was addicted to the Miss Elaine and similar nylon gowns. I originally discovered my feminine need when I first tried on Mom's vintage 30's and 40's silky satin and nylon gowns as a youth in the late 40's. I loved sleeping in them then but put it all behind me, I thought, when I left home for a 4 year enlistment in the USAF. Never ever gave it another thought until about 20 years into our happy marriage when she said "no more sex"! Eventually the old longings resurfaced and i was again into sexy silky nylon gowns to sleep in on business trips. She discovered my stash after one of these trips and it was hell to pay around here. Like so many of us, and in an attempt to please her, I purged all my femme things. When she didn't keep her side of the agreement I eventually bought again and purged a 2nd time. About this time i discovered the internet and all the wonderful CD'ers on here, in various chat rooms and in groups before Microsoft shut them all down. It was at this time I discovered that we cannot change that which cannot be changed and accepted that fact for myself. When i was out buying for "Berta" I discovered charmeuse satin nightgowns and other femme clothing made of the same exquisite fabric. From that great day of discovery on I've worn silky satin nightgowns almost 100% of the time for sleeping in! As wonderful as silky nylon felt, I do have a very silky floor length Shadowline pink nightgown, the fantastic feel of satin is far more exquisite and comfortable for wearing and sleeping in! I suggest you give one a try sometime!

Hi Berta, thanks for sharing your story.Crossdressing is part of you as it is me and millions of others. to purge your desires must have been hell.We are who we are and cannot change this.I wear womens clothes in male mode and don't care what people think.Its only things like womens polo shirts, jeans, trainers and socks, which are evident only after close scrutiny.Normally mainly women notice.But I feel much happier and 'in tune' with my self.
Claire xx

Thank you very much, Claire!

Hi Berta CD As long as U enjoy sleeping in nighties,when U look back on the ages men used to sleep in long nightwear,maybe not so great as the nightgowns of today.Never the less they were night gowns.I feel that this should have continued and all males if they wanted,to wear the nighties of" today" and from the 50's through the 80's.We would have done it so much better than females, I feel, we could be wearing the baby-doll nighties with lots of frills, long ribbons,and bows all in chiffon nylon,overlays and the long nighties with the chiffon overlayes,and it would have been the "norm" with the woman folk wearing P.J.s. It would have fabulous, probably changes by so some head-strong ****-witt males etc. If more and more males would change to wearing nighties and peignoirs or negligee's it would be fabulous,I know I would be into wearing sexy babydoll vintage nylon chiffon double layers nighties with lots of long ribbons a sexy bows

I wish I could find more long-sleeve, floor-length brushed satin nightgowns. Most of my favorite sources (Woman Within, Roaman's, etc.) have either short-sleeve or flimsy nylon with lots of lace, but not the solid long-sleeve satin that keeps me cozy and warm. I need to constantly replace my satin gowns (and sheets) because after several washes they start "pilling" to the point that the little balls of lint make them so scratchy the satin can't even be felt anymore.

OMG, I hate those type nightgowns as I'd literally sweat to death in one of them covering that much of my body. Have you tried WalMart, Target, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Sears, JC Penney's and Macy's. I've seen exactly what you are looking for in all their stores and web-sites this Christmas season as they are showing very few, if any, silky satin feminine nightgowns again this season! DARN IT!!! (This applies to my area of the USA which is the Northeast.)

I haunt those stores constantly, Berta, but I guess I'm just not looking in the right places. Send me a link if you happen to see something! Most nightgowns I see in the retail stores are nylon, not satin, or have short sleeves, or fall just below the knee.

Here in the Rocky Mountains sweating to death isn't a big concern :-)

Hey Ralph, has been a long time since this exchange and I'm not sure if you've had any luck or not so on a whim I did a search and many options came up for "brushed back satin nightgowns". This link should take you to a site where many are listed from many different vendors and pretty decent prices:

Happy shopping, Berta

Posted: 2/15/2015 1:23AM EST

I'm confused... 42-15 = 27. Did you start at age 8 or at age 27?

I believe my true cyber friend, Justin, is saying that, like so many of us, he found his feminine love around the age of 8 and wore whenever possible. For the last 15 years he has worn and slept in silky (Shadowline brand, I believe) nightgowns full time. As he lives alone he can do this without any difficulty unlike many of the rest of us! Hope this helps you out, Ralph.