I Wore Nighties When I Was Little

My grandmother bought them for me and stopped around 10 I guess. Just started wearing them again a few months ago and will continue
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

I Wore slips as nightgowns when I was little. I am only 5.51/2 now and almost as old as dirt! I wear nightgowns now. My wife loves soft sensual nightgowns like Silk Essence from Miss Elaine a couple of years ago. Translucent very soft She usually in pink me in greens and blues. Neither one of us can sleep in anything other than a nightgown.

as a child and after i moved in ith friends i was always put in a night gown or baby doll nighties and most of the time we had matching one on <br />
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i did not care i was witthe one i loved and it made it easyer on her mother who many times changed us during the night<br />
we always went to sleep with diapers on and woke up in training pants but we both took a heavy pill at bed time she took one due to damage at birth i took a different drug due to post cancer