Only After I ***

I can't sleep at night in my purple lace thong v-string, unless I jerk off first. I lay down in my thong and I'm so horny instantly I can't keep my hands off my self. I grab the Lacey thong backing a yank it to give my self a wedgie. The string rides up my crack and hole. It feels so good. I like to touch my penis through the purple little thong and rub myself to the point of exploding all over the front and my sheets. My thong is stained with *** after each night like this. My thong is my best friend and makes me horny after 1 minute of putting if on. I also like to wear it and read naughty stories on EP. I need to go buy more thongs for Christmas. Add me for pics and to chat
dudeman5 dudeman5
5 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I am the same way. It got to the point where I would have to take the thong off if I wanted to get spme sleep!

Hot story would love to see more pics of you in your lacy thong. Actually would love to wear one of your lacy thongs after you wear it. Makes me so very hard to wear a hot guys thong

Jeeze dude. I just came all over myself reading that!!!!!

Wed get along!

cool story