Dark Blue Silk Nightdress.

I have a large selection of silk nightgowns and wear one every night, they are all full length nightdresses and I find them very comfortable to wear and have been a nightdress wearer since I was about seventeen.
I note that on EP most posts relating to wearing nighties are posted by men, I am delighted that you have discovered the comfort and sexy aspect of nighties.
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Sighs.... A large selection, of them you say, you really are trying to seduce me Mrs Robinson,,,,,, aren't you? :-))

I admit that on seeing this title my thought was "oh, Pamela's a guy". And I thought "well if that's so, he clearly has a LOT of real femininity in'em"
But, happy to know you're female all over.... and... down under... ;)

I am all women and have a hairy bush.

LOVE LOVE LOVE naturally hairy bush!! The thought of "peeking under the nightgown"..... mmmmmm.....
And I will bet, yummy, too !! :p

So happy to hear that you are all women. I love everything about women your age and were always drawn to women much older from a younger age.
They always drew my attention to their sexy seamed stockings and the allure of where the dark stocking top was attached to a magnificent body hugging girdle with a occasional glimpse of decadent lace showing beneath her pencil skirt from a sheer nylon full slip petticoat.I love to feel a mature womans hairy bush as I penetrate her ***** lips right up to the hilt, while she still has her open bottom girdle an silky sheer nylon stockings on. The feeling of her warm body fluids mixing with my ***** while I stroke her stocking clad legs to the most intense ****** you can imagine possible, is electrifying.

I like you wearing night own....it's so sexy and erotic to take the night gwn off of your beautiful body slowly sensually a d erotically...would take may be 30 minutes take it completely off of you. What follows that would be Devine and loving....xo

Ahem, you do not even know the Lady and you PRESUME that you would have the opportunity to be with her and further that you have the temerity to state that you would remove her night gown from her body? Ridiculous. For the record when my Bride is so attired I NEVER remove her sleepwear or lingerie, she would not like that at all. Oh and listening instead of dictating makes one far more successful in this endeavor. How do I know this? Because my Wife and I make love each morning and have done so for years. You sound like not much more than a horny knave. People used to get their heads cut off for taking such liberties. You might tread more politely going forward.

Very well stated, pdqsailor1. Sensalmale sure did take some liberties in his reply to Pamela8. I wish I could get my wife to wear matching nightgowns to mine but she'll have no part of that! Maybe I should look into the "Sexless Marriage" group mentioned earlier as that's the way it's been here for 40 years and why my femme needs and longings resurfaced so strongly!

I realy adore the women who wear nightgown .I'll be glad if you can send some pics show how much you are beautiful when you wear them

would u want a man to wear some of urs? And to be with u too?

Yes it is delightful to both be wearing matching nightdresses.

do u have 1 that u could send to me?

I like to see women wear nightgowns it is great

I as well. My Wife wears either a gown or a teddy to bed each evening. We make love each morning and these garments are eminently practical for the purpose and they set the correct seductive mood for an active intimate life. The gowns can range from something as short as a camisole to a full length gown - always with French Knickers and mostly in silk. These knickers allow for full access with no need to remove them and she prefers that I not remove her knickers. The teddies can be silk, shapers of spandex / nylon but almost all of them with fasteners at the ride that undo for ready access, again very practical garments for making love in.

Indeed!, they are WONDERFUL!

The feeling of it on and as it caresses at night while wearing it is wonderful. You are so right

As a man in a nighty I have a good nights sleep. One day I night let my wife know!

Have you told her yet, what did she say, she loved you as a kinky nightie boy.

So far she only knows about my panties! She is not happy, but to let her know about my nightie that would just blow her mind! I only sleep in my nightie when she is away or I am!!

Far better for you if you tell her, then you can wear a nightie at home with her.

I always wear a silk full length nightgown to bed every night. Love the feel of the creamy soft sensuous fabric on my skin.

Nothing better for a good nights sleep.

Absolutely...enjoy the sensuous feel and the freedom a nightie implies.....

Bravo Pam i am delighted to see that you have a large selection of silk nightgowns and wear one every night, and that they are all full length nightdresses. In my opinion, the only way to go to bed. Enjoying your body adorned in a silk full length nightgown is beautifully gratifying. I much prefer the full length style to the knee or shorter length version. I to have been wearing a silk full length nightgown to bed for many years and enjoy it immensely. I am so glad i discovered the comfort and sexy aspect of nighties.<br />
<br />
It is wonderful that we are unanimously in agreement.<br />
<br />

I agree with you in every respect. My dear wife for sixteen years of Marriage would wear t-shirts, cotton panties and mens boxer shorts or even worse sweat pants and a sweat shirt to bed. It was like sleeping with a guy. I started buying her sleepwear. Chemises, short gowns, and then - vintage pieces. I found Olga, Lucie Ann Shadow Line and others. She insisted on wearing panties to bed. I discovered French Knickers - Tap Panties. She got her panties and I got full access with no need to remove them. We leave them on her for all marital relations. She seems partial to some of the shorter gowns and silk is by far her and my favourite. It started out that I would select her bed time attire. We progressed to where we decided to make love each and every morning and she decided to make her own selection of sleepwear. I keep adding to her wardrobe. There are perhaps thirty pairs of French knickers, and forty long gowns plus teddies, shapers - particularly Olga's, short gowns and a few bustiers - all respectful, all sensual and all accessible. We make love every morning and it is delightful. Sensual lingerie and sleepwear is an integral part of our marital relations and it is a means of preparing and planning to make love. Planning on making love is sensual and it demonstrates the care and value we place on one another. We make good and proper use of her lingerie and sleepwear. It is a very healthy and stress free way to live as well. Our relationship is better in every respect.

It is a good plan you have and it is working, nothing like lingerie.

Just wait until the first time she slips one of those elegant nighties on you and you both make love wearing that exquisite fabric! I doubt life will ever be the same for both of you! I only wish my wife would share in my satin nightgown love. Unfortunately she chooses to keep her distance from me when I'm wearing mine but she looks so desirable and sexy in hers even at age 71!!! I love buying them for her and often wish she let me buy a matching one.

Yes Pamela it is working. It took us a long while to get to this point and I am thankful to have figured it out - from the sound of things out there not too many people ever get to where we are now. Now I am adding to the silks in her lingerie chest and the cupboard - some gowns and of course some French Knickers with lace trim and I just got her a button front night shirt to wear in a rather heavy silk - quite interesting with Knickers in silk as well. I am looking forward to Her wearing this ensemble. I am thinking of some eastern robes in silk as well. Berta - I have no desire what so ever to dress in her clothing - I select and purchase night wear that does not have to be removed to make love so I get to enjoy every aspect of her clothing when we get frisky. The idea is that my Dear Wife be comfortable and feel desired in her bed clothes. If she is comfortable and most importantly enjoys herself she is a willing participant in active, and frequent marital relations and this is my specific goal and my intent. Long massages and me providing her with as much enthusiastic oral sex as she likes along with the lingerie collection seems to keep things going in the right direction. I don't disregard her lingerie for day wear either - here she seems to like elegant panties that are not specifically suitable for making love in but provide her with the correct feeling under her clothing to make her feel special - she seems to walk and carry herself differently wearing proper underclothes during the day. I like her dressing for bed and changing into underclothing for day wear - it all works and is appropriate.

Nothing feels better when I am in bed than a long silk/nylon nightgown

I love the feel of them against me when I cuddle in to my wife...she wears the nightdress, I wear nothing at all!

I agree.I am a night wearer also.Every since I was 9 I love to get my mom's silk nightgows and feel asleep in them.<br />
I am a girl in a man's body and I appreciate feminine things more than women.Now I meet you,wow.<br />
Most women brush off clothes as sexual items but how can they wear them?<br />
I need to understand.<br />
You on the other hand seem to understand girl.<br />
Love you<br />
Louise CD

Dear Pamela,<br />
I so enjoy your insight in to elegant lingerie and the essence of why one wears fine under garments and how they enhance one's outerwear? You have undoubtedly been keenly aware of this for years and ny reading your various stories, realize you have sense of dress the common woman has never encountered and even if they did..the lug head husbands wouldn't even appreciate or notice her finery? hell many of these guy men don't know the the difference between burlap, cotton and fine linens or silk? All their "Caveman" mentally can mentally process is give me that *****!<br />
Rather sad, don't you think? Fully understand beyond size difference why I wouldn't place fine lingerie in the hands of a most mens care! You can't launder it like it's a pair of boxers or tightie-whitey briefs! Good Lord! Ann and I thoroughly enjoy you and your insight. Thanks as it is refreshing to know there are sexual women out there with class and sense of knowing how to present themselves with an alluring sense of taste? That would be you, my Dear Lady!

You kind comments are appreciated by me.

I agree with "silkydrawers" reply 1,000%. How do we get your wonderfully feminine genes transplanted into all the women who berate us males who absolutely adore wearing the exquisite lingerie they don't want to wear? Would love to see some photos of you in your silk nightdresses or as we call them in the USA, nightgowns. All previous are so correct in saying there is nothing like sleeping in a long silk or satin nightgown (dress)!

Enjoy wearing your silky nightgowns why should women be the only ones to have the luxury.

I will, Thank You!

Sweetheart it is so enjoyable to follow your stories.<br />
As a man who loves wearing lingerie and expecialy nighties I'm very aware of the excitment men get out of it.<br />
It had gotten to the point where I was woundering why lingerie was marketed for women when I was only seeing men interested. To me it started to look like there were no women in the world who were interested in the lingerie available to them. All of my beautiful lingerie is purchased at thrift stores, and most of what I buy has never been worn. <br />
If a man isn't buying it for himself, he buys it for his wife who never wears it.<br />
Again it's very refreshing to here a woman talk about her love of lingerie; AS IT SHOULD BE!!<br />
Please share more intimate stories of your experiences and love of lingerie.<br />
<br />
Hugs Hun!!

There are a few things "wrong" with lingerie as it is currently sold with the notion of a woman being the final recipient.

Some, or a good deal, of lingerie is bought by men for their wives or girlfriends. The problem there is that men have no idea of the size to buy! I knew a woman who worked in Victoria's Secret. She said men came in all the time wanting to buy something - and had specific things in mind - but he had no idea what size she wore. "What size is (the woman)?" "Oh, about average." "She's about" (waves hands around) "like this." What she had to do was ask him how his gf sized up to her (the clerk), or how she compared to various women around the store, and get that size. That's hardly exact, so they no doubt brought these women the wrong size quite a few times. So, she couldn't or didn't wear it.

The other problem I ran into was with an XH who really was not interested in romance, cuddling, foreplay, or sex. To get an idea, "I Live in a Sexless Marriage" group on EP has over 20,000 members! This happens a lot! I tried to buy lingerie to get his attention, and when it failed miserably, I'd just feel hurt and dejected. It's only recently - that I've found a lot of it that got put away, and I'm with a CD man who actually ENJOYS it, that I put it on. Had I been a bit more organized with what I had or where, I might have given it to a charity for resale. That's probably how a lot of it gets there.

I want you guys to know that you're convincing me tempting me to wear some lingerie for my CD husband. He can wear his own - we can't share, we're vastly different sizes. :)

Thanks Hun!
Two great points I guess I over looked. I've been a CD all my life so I grew up being very aware of womens sizes and how they have changed thru the decades. My wife and I are the same size and could share clothes if she was interested.
Your second point is well taken as well. The difference in my life is. I buy lingerie for my wife and she has no interest in wearing it for me. She has never had interest in cuddling or foreplay. We have discussed this issue in the past and she said to me "You are more like the woman in our relationship and I am more like the man" Her interests are in just getting naked at night in the dark and just do it, As she would say "You know what I want so we don't need to talk about it. Most of the lingerie I ever bought her has ended up in my collection.

Maybe I should post in A Sexless Marriage

My wife is the same way...she doesn't like to wear lingerie and far as sex it is get naked crawl into bed and have our fun yes there is foreplay but it would be nice if one of us would wear some lingerie and have some foreplay with it

Just a suggestion - set out what you want her to wear on her pillow. If it does not make the point the first evening it will by the seventh one. When she wants to have sex remind her that Lingerie makes her look even MORE attractive and it is a way to express her interest in making love. That is how I started and now my Dear Wife dresses for bed every night and we make love EVERY morning. I look forward to bed time and what she has chosen to wear for us to enjoy. Now keep in mind that I am 55 and it took many years to get to this satisfactory state of affairs. Things were abysmal before and it was real tough because my wife is (well in my opinion) Hot stuff and I am a horny fellow. Now it is about as good as it could ever get and I am the luckiest man alive.

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what a sight that would be. Pamela in a long cut silk nightgown. one could hear the angels singing in the background. Hallejuh. oh if i could get a witness.