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Do you find you have a favorite gown that you prefer to wear? For me it is a lavender floor length nylon gown which has a lace bodice and straps, not only do I like the way it looks on me, but I like the way it feels on me.
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2 Responses Apr 26, 2012

I find my favorite is the one......oh I can't decide - I can never choose which one to wear because i love them all :o)

My current favorite is a long pale blue gown by Vanity Fair that is feather light and exquisitely soft and silky. I wore it for two days almost non-stop when I got it (bought on Ebay).<br />
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It is the feel of the soft material that is all-important to me. although I do like my gowns to be pretty and feminine. None of them actually looks good on me. I more or less envy the guys who actually look cute in a gown. I manifestly do not.

Looking cute in a gown is definitely in the eyes of the beholder, and somewhat dependent on how you feel about the person.