I Slept With My Breast Forms And Bra On Under My Satin Nightgowns Last Night!!!

Oh how wonderful this was. I haven't had this thrilling feminine experience for many many years! My wife left early this morning to help serve breakfast at a neighborhood club for a fund raiser. Knowing she would be long gone by the time I woke up I decided to dare to feel really feminine again as it's been way too long since I last had this opportunity! I always sleep in a long satin nightgown, much to her dislike, so after she went to bed I decided to take the risk of her not discovering me "with breasts" during the night or this morning!

(Usually when I dress for bed to watch TV with her in the evenings I slip into one of my many floor length satin nightgowns then a Jones New York plain (unisex looking) satin sleepshirt in a close to matching color to my gown. I feel this covers the thin nightgown straps and doesn't make it as obvious to her that I have a nightgown on! These 2 satin items are covered (hidden) by my no frills plain floor length black satin robe. This is how I'm dressed every evening watching TV with my wife (of almost 51 years now) and it's a wonderful, comfortable experience. She seems to be tolerating this much better now as we rarely have words about it any more.)

Back to my experience / story. I slid out of my satins and selected my favorite, and very well worn (stretched), cotton strapless white bra, hooked it in front of me and slid around to its proper position. I then inserted my "Pals Breast Forms", oh how I love the feminine feelings they provide. Next I slipped back into my long white satin vee necked nightgown and as always loved looking down at my beautifully protruding bust. I then decided that if one nightgown felt so good 2 might feel a lot better and I slipped on my cowl neckline bridal looking long white satin nightgown. OMG what a feeling, absolutely wonderful! Just in case I then slipped my powder blue satin nightshirt back on to cover the straps of my 2 gowns. I luxuriated like this watching TV until the wee hours (like 3 AM) and then headed for bed. Oh how wonderful it was to once again sleep as close to full femininity as is possible for a male crossdresser. It felt so good to caress my bust through all that satin. When I woke this AM and felt them once again I was beside myself with that exquisite feminine feeling and do so hope I'll get this opportunity again!

I wanted to write this while still in my satins as described above but sadly now must shave, clean up and dress en-drab to go meet her there for breakfast and help with the wrap up work. Only you and I will know what will be foremost on my mind while I have to be helping out!
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Another update, somewhere around March 19, 2014, I had the opportunity to repeat this wonderful experience. As it was a cold night I decided to sleep in 3 of my floor length charmeuse satin nightgowns with my "Goddess" 48C white satin and lace strapless bra holding my forms snugly in place. What an exquisitely divine feeling of femininity that was! It's getting so I really look forward to these once a year opportunities as they're all I have now!

Berta, 4/5/2014, 1:38 AM EDT

That sounds so luxurious with all that satin slipping and sliding around on itself, but I don't think I could sleep with three on at once. I do sleep in a slinky kaftan every night. Maybe not as sexy or feminine as a spaghetti strap but my wife doesn't complain about it. In fact she bought it for me.

Hi Sharon03, I just came across your reply and wanted to thank you for it as I enjoyed reading it. It's really not difficult to sleep with all those layers of floor length satin covering your body especially when it's cold outside. We only heat our bedroom to 60 degrees and my wife has this knack of pulling the covers to her and tucking herself like she's in a cocoon. Many a night I wake up with 1/2 my body uncovered and cold so on the really cold nights multiple layers of satin solve the problem for me anyway. Plus it feels oh so silky and slippery! :)

I understand the joy of the slinkiness. Feeling the fabric sliding around must give great enjoyment. Have you ever slipped out of bed because of the slinkiness? What better way to stay warm than with multiple layers of silk or nylon.

Hi, again, Sharon03, You are so correct! We purchased some high thread count silky smooth cotton sheets from a vendor at some fair or whatever we were at. The first night they were on our bed I did indeed slip out of the bed due to all the satin silkiness! That was painful for quite a while as I landed on my tailbone and all the satin in the world can't cushion that much hurt!! I only do multiple layers of satin because it seems to breath much better than nylon which I find very warm to wear in multiple layers or by itself in hot humid weather. But you do stay nice and cozy in multiple layers, for sure!! For the life of me I cannot understand why real women no longer wear such an exquisite fabric!!

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Waking up en femme is a truly beautiful feeling. I have to wait until my wife is away, which is not nearly often enough. Still, it makes it all the more special when I finally do get the chance. X

Well at least you get the chance. Those days are long gone now for this "gurl" as we're home alone together just about 100% of the time now. Only late nights like now when she's gone up to bed I take a few hours to put my forms and satins on and luxuriate for a bit catching up here on EP, FB, YM and emails. Thanks for your reply, Berta, 4/5/2014, 1:28 AM EDT

Thursday AM, Aug. 1, 2013 -- Hi there to all my EP friends and followers!I <br />
I just woke up to an empty house as she's off to her "female" Dr. and am feeling oh so very feminine after having another wonderful nights sleep with my breast forms on under my strapless cotton bra. All covered with my powder blue and white lace trimmed exquisite Jones New York calf length satin nightgown and my JNY powder blue satin nightshirt. (I do this as an accommodation to my non-accepting wife as it's hides my gowns straps from her view. I've tried to convince her that all my lovely JNY satin nightshirts are "unisex" but am quite sure she doesn't believe it!!) <br />
As I shared in my "experience" above, sleeping with "breasts" definitely takes that feminine feeling to a much higher level and, for me anyway, is an ultimate feminine feeling. Nothing beats the feeling, again for me anyway, of rolling around in your bed and caressing two wonderfully feeling, satin encased breasts!!!!! (>: <br />
If you haven't yet done this then I highly suggest you make every effort to try this yourself.Berta

I rarely get an opportunity to wear a nightie to bed, but I have to admit when I do, I do wear a bra, and often nylons as well. And Yessssssssssss...what a wonderful feeling, those lovely nighties over silky panties, bra and nylons. I just love all nighties, short or long and also double them up...What a joyous experience and what a wonderful feminine feeling. Thank you once again for sharing. You have a wonderful way with words.

Hi "Brenda", Thanks for your reply. I actually prefer the fantastic feeling I get from my naked body being fully encased/wrapped in my long satin nightgowns with nothing else under them except on the rare times I'm able to wear a bra and forms for the full feminine feeling. I don't know of many "real" nightgown wearing women, especially my wife, who wear anything under their nightgowns either. Just my 2 cents worth.

Berta 11/11/2014; 4:12 PM EST

I'm so happy for you! I know this feeling well and count my stars I get to live as I do with my gf! Wish you could do much more with your wife! In time I hope!

I love being dressed ESP in sleep! One fave was in a short ruffled one piece swimsuit, long blonde wig, my breasts and a short white fox stroller. Know im blessed that i turn on my gf with this stuff! Most of the time I choose a form fitting tennis dress because I cinch in well with my shorty corset to a good figure.

Do you sneak and fun things under your regular clothes for the days?

Have you tried to show your wife EP she might see the fun of it ?

Hi "Shyguycd", T Y for your comments. You are so very fortunate to have a supporting gf/so in your life. If she's accepting of and sharing in your feminine desires, needs and love as you imply then I suggest you do everything in your power to keep her as such"real" women are extremely hard to find.

As I've noted many times, even though I'm considered a "closeted" CD'er (never ever been fully dressed nor made up, never been "out" as "Berta" in public and don't see that possibility ever happening) and only my wife knows of my satin nightgown love. I doubt she has any conception of my true "Berta" side and demanding needs and I hope our children have no idea either! I am fortunate that she barely tolerates my sleeping in satin nightgowns with satin sleepshirt covering the bodice so she doesn't have to see me. During our current hot summer I'm only in the sleepshirts at night.

I wear satin or silky nylon VF lace noveau (occasionally) panties 100% of the time under my male facade. In the colder weather I'll add a plain satin tank top type camisole under my shirts as I hate tee shirts under a shirt and love the feeling of either one of my satin camisoles or on some days a short satin and lace slip (Straps are always a slipping problem!) If time allows I may slip into one of my silky pairs of thigh high stay ups and have on some occasions worn one of my garter belts or OB Girdle w garters to hold up the fine silky dressy nylon stockings I've chosen to wear. Most definitely all feminine under my shirt and pants and it's a fantastic feeling. Especially when I still had a job and made customer group presentations dressed that way!

My wife is not, at all, computer literate and has absolutely no interest unless photo's of our family have been posted, but I still have to bring them up on the monitor for her to see. I've tried everything with her to see if she would at least open a dialogue with me, all with no success. Thanks for your suggestion though.

Gish I wish I could help Berta ! I'm pinning my luck I guess some on being fast to share this side if me with any girl that I dated that was interested..after a few dates though lol. Not all went really well but many did. Later in life I used online dating and met my last wife and current GF.

In my eyes you've been lucky to have the same lady so long whereas I had three marriages one which was very young, one thought I had money and I was in lust lol ( this one didn't like my femme side as it presented competition I think ), the last went through what little money we had but wanted my girl side far faster and deeper than I could deal with then lol.

It's true that I went through thousands online till it ticked and lots of chat till they really felt they wanted me then wed meet.

"jettys", Thanks for your "reply". It must be nice to be able to wear such things in public. I would never be able to do that due to my huge size! What you've described sounds more like our once "only male" clothing items, "jeans/cords to work(usally tight fitting)!" Of course I'm dating myself as I grew up in the 1940's &amp; 50's when women wore lovely feminine dresses or silky full skirts with a lacy silky top to go with it. Rarely were seen in a man's jeans or cords (only gender they were made for at that time) unless they were helping out on the farm!

As they say, "different strokes for different folks" and whatever works for your feminine needs and desires is definitely up to you. Continued feminine love and good luck to you,

Berta, 8/1/2013 10:15 AM EDT

I wish truly you find more of that in her or at least for you! You seem so kind and loving! I mean it.

For me I'm afraid that I'm passing the point of no return and if my GF leaves someday, nobody will be interested in a tall shemale with faulty hardware but I guess there is that online dating right?

My mind races on how to help you

You made customer presentations like that!?!? Omg you are serious fun!!!!

Hi Shyguycd, Just came across your 8/1/13 comment. Yes I am very serious. The beauty of overnight business travel is that you can dress however you desire beneath your male outer facade! Especially since your non-accepting wife is not around!! When properly done (takes some experimenting as satin has strange reactions under a male polyester or cotton shirt) no one will ever notice unless you experience a "wardrobe malfunction". Most of these "dressing" opportunities occurred before I had my prostate removed and I endured many joyous feeling "swelling" action down below. No longer a problem these days as I no longer get the opportunity to fully feminize myself in silky satin lingerie and silky nylons and no longer need to worry about any sort of "skirt pointer" showing through. Still wear my satin panties every day and in colder weather a plain satin tank top camisole in place of a tee shirt.

Thanks again for your reply, Berta, 11/11/2014, 2:55 PM EST

Thank you for your comments I think you're great! I hope you have many more years to enjoy as a girl and that your relationship status to encourage it and let you have fun also hugs to you

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Love your story Berta, it is so much like mine. You were in the Air Force? So was I, enlisted in 1960 and stayed for 7 years. I was in the Air Police as a K-9 Dog handler.
Got out after being in VietNam.
I have been a CD all of my life but wished that I had told my wife this before marrying her.
I am also a male submissive to women. I am a member of the "FemmeDommeSociety"
(you can get to it by google FemDommeSociety) I am a long distance submissive to
Mistress Bella who lives in Australia.

Have to go......Lots of love


T Y, "karen42". I enlisted in early 1960 and was warned about "Nam" so took my honorable after 4 years in early '64! As a fighter jet crew chief I truly appreciated your group on our base protecting my "six" patrolling our very active flight line during those "60's era flare-ups in Cuba and so very sadly almost 50 years ago in Texas.

I married while in the AF but at that time my femininity was the furthest thing from my mind and a mostly forgotten adolescent experience. Therefore I never saw any need, even if I'd remembered, to share my adolescent "experimentation" with my future wife, either before or after our wedding.

Not sure about the "Domme" thing although I will admit that after my femininity resurfaced I often fantasied about what it might be like if my wife would be a willing and accepting participant and force (dominate) me into becoming truly feminine for her wishes and needs!

delightfull, i love wearing my kong nighties too dont they feel sensual and sexy.xo

Indeed they do, "howlin666"!

Almost a year after I posted this "experience" I want to share with all that I'm about to head to bed wearing a white boned strapless bra with my forms nicely secure in its "C" cups with a lovely feminine bust look and wearing 2 long satin gowns, as the wife has an early appointment in a few hours. So to all a good nite as I hope to once again enjoy that most exquisite feminine feeling while in bed! Good night!!!

Keep heart Berta. Things can change! ;-)

I am very proud of you. My ex never wanted to see me dressed, so I had to stay in the closet. We divorced in 2007 and I am now free to live my chosen life, as Teri forevermore

Teri, I think you may have misunderstood my post. My wife wants no part of seeing me dressed which is why I'm also very much closeted. Most of my feminine collection is satin nightgowns, peignoir sets and negligees along with satin tank top type camisoles and a huge collection of satin and a few silky nylon panties. She see some of these as she insists on doing all the laundry and therefore launders my weekly feminine wear.


What a strange reply. Not sure I understand its meaning as there is very little for me to "enjoy" (as pertains to my Berta needs) these days!

What is it with some women? Some accept the fact of CD'ers and their fun, and some don't, some are repulshed by it. I like my CD guy. He is so gorgeous dressed, I am jealous! He is tall and slender and has the nicest legs. I love it when he wears his nylons, feels so great, so silky, so sexy on my skin too!<br />
If it don't hurt women/wifes/girlfriends, let him wear his pretty things, you'll both benefit!

Spot on ... fortunately there are gals like you who feel the same way and enjoy sharing the feminine with their spouse. I married one too.

Oh how wonderful to read your comment, "djw1"! We closeted CD'ers need more like you in our lives. Where were you in the '60's when I made many trips through Janesville on my way to and from Minot, AFB, ND??? (At that time my Berta side was not part of my life though!)

You know where Janesville is? I know where Minot ND is and even the air base. I lived in ND for 7 yrs. way too long, but I'm home now. I was still in high school in the 60's. in Walworth WI. Do you know that one? Thanks for the comments...

The older ladies will be hard to change many of us are 50+ and these folks appear to be late 60? or so. I mean no harm here folks, but older ladies are harder to convert, they "married a man" for some reason they can't get past the bra. Remember we STILL have to keep our crossdressing mostly behind closed doors. God forbid someone see us. Again I mean no harm or disrespect or malace. Have fun!!!!!!!

djw1, I just came across your question while reviewing this posting of mine and am sorry for the long delay in my responding. I have no idea where Walworth, WI is. We have friends there in Wisc. but rarely see or speak with them now that we're all grandparents and have many travels to visit our extended families.

there are too few like you, sadly. I never got any support from my ex in our 25 years of married life. She has know I am transgender and living as Teri now for the past six months, but she still wants no contact with me

Not sure if your response is to me or not, Teri, but I get no support from my wife either. She's even threatened divorce on some occasions when I've upset her. Fortunately we both know that would be a sad end to our otherwise wonderful marriage that will be 52 years this August (2013). We do love each other very much and, as one posted here, her age makes it difficult for her to grasp or comprehend my Berta side. Had she not stopped wanting sex some 30 or so years ago Berta most likely would still be an adolescent experience only!

You make a good point, "jettys".

We who've been married for any length of time know it is often difficult to comprehend, understand or figure out the thought processes of a real woman most of the time. I often wonder just what might've been different if we told them before marriage about our strong feminine side and love. I love my wife unconditionally and care less when she's dressed in male articles like pants (oops- slacks they call them), button down shirts, tank tops, tee shirts.. etc. etc. She definitely gets more attention and adulation from me when she's wearing a lovely dress or flimsy skirt and silky blouse with her lacy nylon slip, V F lace noveau nylon panties underneath!! I make no derogatory comments about what she wears ever. I am very blessed that she is a truly feminine woman and only sleeps in silky satin or nylon nightgowns (many of which I either bought for her or helped her choose herself)! She has absolutely no use what-so-ever for the junky cotton, male looking, women's sleepwear that seems to be the only items available these days!!

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i wish to have night like you all satin feeling, you give good idea for buy unisex satin nightie vauu ..or you first try and wear wife nigthie

Unless your wife knows, supports and participates in your crossdressing you should never ever wear her clothing without her giving you her OK. Many a crossdresser has felt the wrath and pain of a wife or SO who caught him in her clothing! Buy your own nightie and be sure you can return it if it doesn't fit properly. This way you get it home and try it on. Do not remove any tags until you are absolutely sure you want to keep it as they usually won't accept returns without the original tags still on it!

A very smart piece of information. !!!!!! Have fun!!!!!

thanks sweety usually as i iwear her skirt i check the position andand return the same place but she ha sonly few skirt for me all other too small i wish she give me one day to wear in front of her skirt ,and can i come to bed in pantyhose and panties ,for thistwoo things she put in my drawer biut i wish more and more ,,she dont like me in woman lingere but sasa in me need more nd more so i go step by step next yeari start with camisole or nightie..kissssssssss

Go girl! Like you is a wonderful feeling to sleep with breast forms. Feels so feminine when retiring for night and even better when awakening in the morning!

Thank you BrigitteB, You are so very very right in your comment!

sure hope you have more nites like that again

Thank you, "uscarrier2", I do too!!!

Sounds like on hell of a good might! Sleeping well as a female is the best nights sleep I get! I hope you have more good nights like that one.

Thank you, foronenightonly, it sure was! Not sure if the opportunity will ever come again, sadly.