I Found A Friend

With this past Sunday being mothers day , I ventured to the mall Saturday to look for a new nightgown. I thought it would not be obvious since lots of men would be shopping for wives, moms, and girlfriends. As I checked for size a male voice to my side said" I a
Looking for gowns foe me too"! It surprised me and I felt a bit nervous, but I did reply that I recently started weRing gowns at home. We chatted as we shopped. He held a pretty blue up up to me a said it would look nice with my eyes. Together we walked over and selected some new panties. We went to the register and the sales lady was smiling at us and said she hoped we enjoyed our purchases. He and I left together, and had coffee together. We exchanged phone numbers as we talked about our purchases. I am going over to his house tonight for a "nightgown dinner". Just the two of us in our new panties and nightgowns!
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Wow cool so how did it turn out. I want that to happen to me, I always look for that to have to me had 2 close calls but will keep looking.!!!!!! Have fun.!