T-shirt? Why Bother?

I have been married for 20 years (long time) and my wife always sleeps in the nude - even in winter!
I normally sleep in a T-shirt,so maybe, that keeps her warm!
But even when we have friends to stay, the arrangement is that we supply the supper, and her Ian makes breakfast for us in bed.
I always make sure that he gets a 'good view'.
My wife, who has a good figure, is always fast asleep, when he brings up tea and toast.
I can usually hear him in our kitchen, preparing breakfast.
So I pull back the covers,leaving Chris totally naked. We have known each other for many years. There is no such thing as embarrassment.
We were ' Best Man' at each other's wedding.
We have even slept with each other's wives (although never had sex with them).
I n short, we are really the best of friends!
When it comes to breakfast, Ian brings up the breakfast, and gets a full view of my naked wife.
H is wife, Angie, is not always with him (he travels a lot) and has to leave early. If Angie is not there, I will start to finger Chris, who is still half asleep.
She is usually unaware that Ian is watching me sticking my fingers into her *****.
But, only recently, Chris told me that she had "worked it out".
She said: "Our breakfast is on the bedside table, when I wake up. How come?"
She knew the answer, without me telling her!
So now, I wait for Ian to make the tea and toast and before he comes into our bedroom (as I said, he never knocks), I finger my wife, and suck her ****, knowing that he is watching us!
Sometimes, she is that impatient, she brings herself off, with her eyes closed, but aware that our best friend is watching her ***.
Then, and only then, Ian gives a slight knock on the door, and Chris pretends to be asleep, with just her breasts on view to him - something she has never minded anyway!
It is a bit similar at his home, when we are visiting. But, I must admit, I have never seen his wife Angie, ********** in front of me.
She is a bit shy that way..although I have photographed them having sex at their honeymoon afternoon hotel!
PS: Ian and I are both Scots. He plays for a pipe band in England. Hence the reason he travels a lot and stays with us! It is true what they say about Scotsmen wearing nothing under the kilt. I took a pic of Ian and my wife sitting on the sofa one evening, after a Piping Event.
She was wearing a see-thro dressing gown and he lifted his kilt - his **** was like a tent shaft! ( my wife didn't realise it at the time, as they were both posing for the pic,) But when I showed her Ian, with his arm around her and his rampant ****,just inches away from her smiling face, she just laughed and said: " I just wish I had known at the time and I would have put him out of his misery!"
I doubt it. But it was a nice thought..I wouldn't have objected either. And I KNOW that Ian would hav been up for it!
After all., as the song says: " That's what friends are for!"
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Great story, I envy your lifestyle.