I Too Sleep In Lingerie!

Since becoming a teenager, I have always loved the feeling of silky lingerie against my skin. In college, I added to my collection, but never slept in lingerie. After graduating and getting my own place I started to collect more and more silky lingerie, but would rarely sleep in it. Then, upon getting married, I started buying my wife silky chemises and nighties. She wore them for me, but is more of a cotton nightshirt woman. The more I cuddled up with her the more I loved caressing her in her silky chemises. I had also kept my own lingerie which mainly consisted of lacy slips, but it was a secret and I dressed up only when she was not around. One night, when I was caressing her and running my hands over her silky chemise, I used it to rub against my growing member. Then, I put her hand on her silky chemise and used to it rub against my body. She was glad to take it off and continued to use it to caress me with it and I got harder than I had in a long time. The next time we did this, she again took it, off and I put it on. OMG, it felt so good. I asked her to put on another chemise and we cuddled and caressed and had a great time in bed together. From that night on, the chemise she gave to me was mine. I wore it more and more often. This led to me wearing silky underwear from Winter Silks. This became my birthday and Christmas presents and I now had several silky chemises and I was only wearing silky underwear every day. One night, I added one of my lacy slips below my satin chemise and she did not notice until one day I was wearing the lacy slip under my chemise and she was walking up the stairs. She said what do you have on under that chemise? I raised the chemise to show of the lacy slip. She did not really like the idea, but she did not really say anything against it, so from then on, I have always worn a lacy slip under my silky chemise and my Winter Silks underwear. Since then, I have added pantyhose to my nightwear about once a week and I really love the feeling of her hands caressing my silky thighs and the rest of my lingerie covered body. I could never go back to wearing anything else.
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Oh, you lucky little Boi~