The Stuff Of Nightmares

I am not going to knock your lifestyle....but really??? Could you just do this into a diaper, does it need to be the bed?

My concern is not only for your skin, which is likely irritated by the state of dampness and would warn that a common cause of a "wet" skin rash is yeast ...which is a fungal infection but for your your hygienic well being.

Urine is only sterile until it reaches the urethra, where epithelial cells lining the urethra are colonized by facultatively anaerobic Gram negative rods and cocci. Subsequent to elimination from the body, urine can acquire strong odors due to bacterial action, and in particular the releas of ammonia from the breakdown of urea.

A constantly "wet" mattress is going to become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, fungus and eventually the ammonia build up could cause you respiratory distress.

Seriously Wet a diaper at least you can dispose of or properly clean that... a mattress is going to make this nearly impossible.

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wet bed is more child like i hate diapers but they are a fact of life for many of us

I hope you replace the bed a lot

Act our age you say. We do and in our acts show the result of misled lives, lives that never managed to get on the social roundabout. You have friends and partners, with some you are intimate and enjoy the singular warmth of another person's body. We have no one and are estranged even from wives. Its cause is something in or learned in our character and we simply cannot socialise. We are always polite and obliging, but we are always sad and disappointed lovers, resigned to step in our graves never having found a friend. We live within ourselves, alone in loneliness and in that dark, kindle unreal joy and deep comfort from the simple warmth of our own ****; strange friend to the friendless.

a good way to guarantee that you will sleep alone is TO PEE THE BED...

not really my wife also wore diapers or training pants
and the sad part is she gave her life so fools could put others down and make judgements of others

you may not agree or like what other say but theyhave the right

i don't think i ever said you don't have the right to pee your bed or to talk about peeing your bed so I don't know what your damage is

please explain "my wife gave her life"

why no one paid our bills we had paid our own way sense age 11 we even paid 1/3 of the houising cost from 12 till her death at 19

we paid cash for our home at age 17 so who did we hurt if we felt like we did not want diaper on

we always had bed pads on our bed for play time

your wife and you were together since what age?

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Or You could hope for the VERY best and hope they get up out of bed and ACT THEY'RE AGE.

i've never understood this wetting fetish, never will. i don't even like to get caught in the rain so purposely peeing myself and the bed, i don't think so *shakes head*

'This is the bed where he died.'
'But where is the body?'
'No body; it was consumed by the yeast from his own urine.'
'What a beautiful way to go.'

Don't take life too seriously.

is this the tribute you want on your tombstone? or the eulogy you read at a recent funeral?


I've speed in the litter box before. **** really works.

Well done Dente. It needed to be said.

thanks you


well someone had to say it.... they make adult diapers why do they need to pee the bed?

i dont get it either. D:

i don't mind if they wanna ferment in their own waste ... to each their own.... but I dunno wet beds and wet beards are where i won't keep quiet about hygiene

that beard still creeps me out. and picturing it wet just makes me want to hide

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