I Sleep Much Better When I Wet My Bed

happend to me last night i wasn't in the bed but ten minutes when  i  wet my panties , wet  it  real  good . slept much better after i  wet  the bed . when i'm not wetting my bed i have trouble sleeping  . nothing turns me on like a good wetting .

nastybobby73 nastybobby73
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7 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Me too! It turns me on and I am proud of it!!!

i always wet my panties when i fell asleep too! i woke up and always put on clean panties after wetting! i always slept well after that! but when i woke up,i found i peed in my panties again! so i got some pink plastic panties to wear at night. until i started to pee more than once a night..now i wear girls diapers, and sometimes i not only pee at night but i also poo,but my pink diapers keep my bed clean,but i use a lot of baby wipes

the smell or the wetness of my bed dosent bother

last nite i tossed and turn till about 1 am when i finally wet the bed i slept great after that till morning i must have wet more then once because me and the bed was soaked

to Nastybobby:<br />
U are 100% right - the SMELL is the most wonderful related to ****....

Why then are U in this group - and why do U like the **** then???? (to EP user)....<br />
If I were U, I would leave this group.

i'm not in this group and i never would be because i was toilet trained long ago unlike some people. but, i can make a comment whereever i please. you got that, pissy?

doesn't you mattress stink or is that not a concern? i couldn't stand the wetness of urine against my skin or the smell. i love smelling fresh and clean.