Prefer Sleeping In The Nude When Lack Of Privacy Is Not A Concern

--- By Becky Romero ---

With two brothers and a stepdad around the house while growing up, sleeping naked wasn't much of an option for me. But at sleepovers at my girlfriends' homes, that was a different story. The first time was at my friend Belinda's house when I was 12. Her dad was working nights, so it was just her, her mom and her two younger sisters in the house. Plus, I had the whole guest bedroom to myself. I didn't have to worry about being spied on by my brothers and since I was a tosser and turner back then, it felt more comfortable without the constraints of a nightie, just as Belinda had told me when she confided she had slept in the nude ever since she started grade school. I don't really know what possessed me to lose my panties too, probably just the comfort level of having complete privacy.

After that, I began sleeping in the nude whenever I got a chance at sleepovers with my girlfriends. There was unfortunately one occasion when my privacy was violated by one girlfriend's stepbrother, but that certainly wasn't the norm.

Finally, I began to sleep naked at home too, once my stepdad was out of the house (divorce), my older brother was off in college and felt I could finally trust that my younger brother had finally become mature enough not to peek into my bedroom while I was sleeping. (plus the fact he would have gotten his butt kicked had he done so - lol)

After high school, I lived with three close girlfriends while we attended college. With no need to worry about my brothers spying on me - only the occasional boyfriend sleeping over - I was free and comfortable enough to not only sleep in the nude but also to walk around the house partially or fully undressed. My girlfriends felt the same way I did, so it was not uncommon for us to be undressed around each other. I don't mean to say we were naked all the time or are nudists or anything like that. Just when getting up in the morning, sometimes it was panties only at breakfast or maybe a nightgown or a towel or just a robe after showering. Same thing at nighttime, such as while watching TV. We frequently skinny-dip together, so seeing each others' naked or partially naked bodies is no big deal to us. (When it's cold out in winter, it's a different story, of course, cuz it can get chilly inside even with the furnace up). Now rooming with just two of them - things really haven't changed.
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my roommates and I enjoy being nude as well. It is not a sexual thing it is just more freeing without the restraints of clothing

Loved U'r Story & nude freedom , Love 2 see U aswell .

Nudity with the college roommates, was it something you talked about, or did it just happen?

Best....way....nice clean sheets....always feel nice. :)

Hey wow, you sound like my ideal fantasy woman! ;-)

oh another old guy commenting lol.But I always sleeped in just underpants.Then while out in a motel,being on the trip longer then expected,I ran out of clean ones.I hand washed them and hung to dry,forgetting to leave one dry.I sleeped that night completly nude.I got up the next day and felt different,didn't have to tug thing around.I now sleep that way 90% of the time.I was worried at first of"leaking,emmissions" never happened.I feel it is healther to "air out"

Love it!!

Best way to sleep

Sleeping nude is the only way to go. It's so much more comfortable. The cross-gender fear isn't as big of an issue as you might think. While you might be afraid of being caught it really isn't that big of a deal once people realize you aren't doing it just for fun. When I was a teenager I used to skinny-dip with 4 of my cousins and my brother. 3 of these cousins were girls. <br />
It was always great fun and we always had a blast daring each other to be more and more brave about getting out of the water and doing something without clothes on. I'll put up a story about it some time.

Growing up I had the same fears you had. With younger siblings, I feared them barging in and "catching" me doing something "dirty". In college, I roomed with 3 other very heterosexual guys. Nudity was not common for fear that it might be considered "gay". It was only after I started living on my own that I had the courage to follow my desires and sleep nude. My wife has never known me that I didn't sleep nude. Now I can't imagine the hang ups that I felt back then. Sleeping nude seems acceptable if not expected these days.

Can you share stories from your recent years?

Hi, edibookie. 'Nude bike rides'? OMG no! I mean, I'm certainly not a prude. I do think women should be allowed to be topless at the beach (and I do think there is nothing wrong in also saying certain parts of the same beach require tops). After all, guys can be, so why not us? But I don't think it's a good idea to allow people to be naked anytime, anywhere. Most things I've heard about nudists are generally positive. But those wouldn't be the people I'd be worried about. There would be a lot of perverts out there who'd like to take advantage of a change in the laws like that in order to get on a bus, sit next to a teenage girl and start stoking his ****. On the other hand, I think sometimes the media and the government get a little bit carried away about punishing harmless streakers, skinny-dippers and chastising moms who dared to breast-feed their babies in public. But as for me, no, I wouldn't participate in public nude activities like those you mentioned, biking or subway riding naked or even half-naked.

Talking about nudity as a social norm, what are your views? Do you participate in naked bike rides, no pants subway rides, nude modelling etc or just limit yourself to your home/room and nude beaches?

Hi, edibookie. No, not really. Before high school, my friends and I played the usually pranks on each other at sleepovers. And I have to say, to his credit, my younger brother never tried to pull my covers off while I was sleeping. Once I was in college and living with three of my girlfriends, we'd sometimes pull practical jokes on each other (still do!). But nothing I can recall while we slept. Heck, all four of us slept in the nude or nearly nude anyway. We did make each other boyfriend's blush once in a while though if one of them was spending the night. lol

Did anyone pulled a prank on you while you were sleeping naked? at home, college etc?