Sharing A Room In University Res And Sleeping Naked

I was raised naturist so thought noting of nudity or sleeping nude. Not always mind you, as winters can call for an extra layer or PJ bottoms and/or panties during period etc. Well my first roomate who shall remain un named,,,  made such an issue of things not only did I have to be buttoned up to the neck, I had to hang a towel and change behind it. She did like wise. I've never run into such a judgemental prudish peson in my life. I'm glad I never opened up to her in the beginning about how I was raised or my sexual curiousity.

Thank goodness  my current roomy, Margo, is the best roomy ever and now my best friend.  She doesn't care if I'm dressed or not, and I don't notice if she is or not. Why complicate life.,, Be comfortable.
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To have such deep trust in friends to be free to cloth or not awsome

I'm ashamed to say that I was the prude in this situation. My second roommate was a missionary kid whose parents lived and worked in Cambodia, and in their family and perhaps the culture clothing wasn't as important. He used to walk to and from the showers naked until I complained about it too much. Now that my opinions have become more relaxed, I feel bad for being so prudish.

glad you learned to lighten up

Its amazing how prudish and hung-up many people can be over simple nudity. Im glad you found the new roomie who is alot more open-minded.

The bottom line is that naked is a really fun way to live.

It's a pity that people cant accept others for who they are! Why must some people be so judgemental that they place their own prejudices on others?<br />
If I had a roommate who preferred to be nude, then that would have been his/her business!

When my sister and I were in high school we had friends that would come over to swim and hang out in the summer time, if both guys and girls were there we could never get any of them to remove their suits and skinny dip, if it was just her girl friends there were no issues everyone was naked including me, I could never get any of my male friends to skinny dip with girls around.

bit of both funseeekrr

All i can say is i wish i was your room mate...

Well Funseeker you are now my inspiration to look after myself because i want to be as lithe as you are when I'm you age. ( and having as much fun too)

Nudity amongtst men is very common in pool or gym showers.. I was sholled as a kid when I bumped into that aspect, and I was using a towel at first, they I became used to that and lost the towel ... I later became an avid basketball pla<x>yer and it was very natural to be naked in showers and lockers with friends and random men, no big deal...<br />
<br />
Nevertheless there are two types of nudity... the Non Sexual like this I am explaining, and the mind boggling sexual amazing nudity, wich I crave for and I pursue sometimes... I love the nudity of Nude Beaches with hot girls, even being natural it is so amazingly arousing for body and mind... I never could get rid of those memories even if I tried... so fantasticly erotic... <br />
<br />
Even if you were a naturist.. I only hope you enjoy it sexually like some of us do...<br />
<br />
Kisses<br />

If I could, I would retire to a nudist resort. That would be the perfect life.

I do not share in this experience so I can't say to much, but she sounds like a person who can't really live with even herself I mean it is not like it was coed or anything. Didn't she take sex ed or anatomy in life girls share the same stuff from breasts to viginas or did her parents say that they were just something wrong with her. It seems pretty wierd that, that happened at all to you, also sounds like she was a joy killer.

humm guys are cooler about nudity between themselves than iI thought