Sometimes Not A Happy Ending

For almost my whole life, I have slept in the nude, all through my teens, and twenties through being single and a dozen relationships. My first marriage I slept in the buff for years, until I realized it was over between us. The first night I came to bed with shorts on, she realized I had had it with her, and it went downhil from there, with her eventually moving into the guestroom to sleep. I immediately went back to sleeping naked, but had to stop again, as my stepdaughter turned 17 and had a bad habit of coming into the master bedroom to use my bathroom. After three free shows, I was forced to put the shorts back on.
Once divorced, I got used to sleeping naked again in my one room basement apartment. I was surprised a couple of times by my landladies daughter, who was about my age. She enjoyed the show (more than my exwife did) but that ended in failure, as her mother found out and told the daughters husband.
Now, re-married, I started sleeping nude again, but with 5 stepkids, it ended quickly. About 4 months after I moved in, my then 15yo daughter came in the room with her two brothers (12, and 10) on a sunday morning, climbing into bed with me and my new wife, their mother. We were both naked under the covers, but nothing was showing. The boys started rough housing around, and decided it was time to try and attack me and the wife. Well, while play wrestling, my daughter joined in on their side, but was immediately shocked when the covers slid off my wife at a poor time, and she wound up face down in her boobs. In an attempt to climb away, her hand closed around my now fully aroused erection, which she squeezed, realizing what it was, and pulled her hand away like she was electocuted. The wrestling wore down, and the embarrassed look on her face made the wife and I giggle. We only sleep naked with the door locked now, as they've gotten older, and a repeat of that day would be MUCH more awkward than before.
We BOTH miss being able to touch though, and once and awhile we ***** under the covers, but luckily we get away with it even when the daughter thinks she can join us on sunday mornings... I'm finding out that being a Dad can be hard... pun intended
46-50, M
2 Responses Mar 29, 2011

Funny story, but it goes to show what happens when you try to keep a secret. The kids should have been told that you sleep naked. The rest depends on who, if anybody, would be embarrassed if they see you in bed naked, which I can't decide for you.

Love your story