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Close Encouter With My Younger Sister

Last week, i was lying in bed naked in a hot room (due to my younger sister not having the window open at night due to lack of sleep). I was awake and after half hour of lying naked, running hands over my body, I decided it was time to get dressed and go down stairs. My younger sister (16) heard my bed move as i was getting out of bed - i was still naked. As soon as the bedroom door was moving i quickly got back in to bed and pulled the covers back over me as quick as possible. I am glad to report that the covers were on me just in time. She only put some books in to her drawer in her desk and then she was gone. I made sure that I was not going to get disturbed while getting dressed. Shame that my family dont like people sleeping naked :(
boobabloo56 boobabloo56 18-21, F 11 Responses Jun 30, 2011

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It is indeed a sound adventurous....and I like that.

I think naked is the only way, to be 100% in touch with life around us, but to sleep with clothes on is a definite no no for me. I would live naked if it was acceptable.

I only sleep naked during the summer as I am not near the radiator - my sister is the one. Sharing a bedroom is a pain at times :(

well sometimes being a catholic really affect and a great influence but its not a sin to be naked you know do you think the nuns when they get shower they wear their habit?nope they are naked too...LOL

I know that. My family is fine about being naked for baths and showers but anything other then that is seem to be a no go inthe household. we dont even talk about sex

I think that a polite knock by your sister could avoid any embarrassment. In your place I think that I would inform others who might barge in.

You're both girls, what's the big deal?

kathward2,<br />
<br />
Sleeping nude is normal and natural. Why not enjoy it?<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

it was very very scary wotamuppet

wow that must have been scary i know i would have been

Nice story Kath. Lucky you didn't get caught, but I would love to catch you lol.

dantmps i dont know how i will explain maybe say i got to hot? I know they will catch me out at some point

wow....close shave indeed!