First Time Naked Front Of Mom......

When i was kid from that time i feel i want to be nude.My parents told me it's bad habit to stay naked.

After that when i become a teen, i feel to live nude.Every day when i was alone in home i remove my all cloths and every night i live nude in my room,Some time at night i was get out from home for walk when everybody go to sleep i take off my cloths and hanging on my window and go for walk nude its great feel.i was come back in half n hour.but my parents don't know about this my habits.Even they think i was very shy girl.
i feel at that time i wanna nude front of someone in my home. but m thinking How is it possible?????

One day my rooms AC didn't work. at that day i never told anyone about AC.At night i was open my all windows,door and go to sleep nude as daily routing.Morning i was wake up very early but still i act to sleep till some one come in my that time i don't know who will come for wake up me.(Daily no one wake up me coz i was wake up very early)
After that my mom is waiting me for coffee. then she comes in my room for seeing what's happen to me. when she enter in my room she was surprise whole windows n doors are open and i am sleeping nude.
she wake up me, i was act to wake up. she ask me "why r u never put cloths and doors are open."
suddenly i told to her,"mom my AC doesn't work and its to hot temp in room"
she told it's ok just come down for coffee.
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I love being naked, especially outdoors!

it sounded from her response that she's ok with you being naked in your room? have you talked with her about it further?

Her behaviour like normal......
After that I also get confidence. ...... then I live nude front of my family....
They're feel normal......

that must have taken a lot of bravery. my family doesn't know i'm often home naked.

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Hi u there

hahaha........nice were nude also & felt good that night also.....

great story..... ; )

Please be nude in front of me. I love this taking all my clothes off, seeing you fully this way DON

Nice to have that free feeling. I have a difficult time sleeping with clothes

It's a good thing that your mom understood then that it is more comfortable for you to be nude!
I hope that you had more opportunities to be nude more openly with them!!!

Yep ,,,,,,,

I love being nude too, especially when I have a migraine.

Many people I know love sleeping nude once they try it!
I prefer sleeping nude too.

Fantastic story. Go with everything that makes you happy.

good story...add me sweetie...

My wife nor I own PJs

it's great sha132 !!
i,m naked at home all the time !
i live with my wife and i like to be naked !

Fabulous sweetie

I bet that wasn't the last time. Please tell us more

very soon i'll write another story ............

When my wife and I first married we lived in a garage apartment and were sitting on the porch one warm evening talking and enjoying the weather when a young girl walked down the streat in front of where we lived, naked from the waist down, and wearing nothing but a thin white T shirt on top. I thought I might be seeing things and turned to my wife and asked her if she saw the same thing. I often wonder about that girl and what was going on. Maybe it was you!

Great ........!!!

your coffee is ready! can i bring to you? :))

yes sure ..............!!!

I hope u get what u want.


wish i was a fly on the wall of your room

always wel come..............!!!

when i will get a chance to see you naked ?

Very Soon.......

hahah you are saying this from a long time :(

nice i would also love to see you nude

If I was there I'd bring coffee to your room.


Great story :)

Great story. thanks for sharing. xx

I had a similar story, in high school I would get wasted come home take ally clothes off and sleep nude, nothing but a sheet. I would toss and turn and always wind up with nothing coverong me. My mom would come into my room to get laundry and to vaccum. There I was nake, spread eagle with my semi hard **** running down my leg. She would alwaus throw the sheet back on me. It was great.

You need some pic's to go with this story...

sexy story

Sounds really good. Would you tell us about your naked walks at night. How far do you go? What do you see? Is it wild country or past residential homes?

I know how you feel. I'd be nude all the time if I could.<br />
speaking of sleeping nude: As a little kid I couldn't stand how my pajamas would get twisted up and feel so uncomfortable. Through my school years I no longer wore pj's but briefs and T-shirt which were just as uncomfortable. From the moment I left "home" (many years ago) I've slept nude.

So, did you dress before going for coffee? Or did you stay naked?

Just wear thong n top

Keep pushing the limits little by little until being naked is so common your parents stop noticing. Or get a place of your own and then you can be naked as much as you want. Nudity is natural and healthy, keep at it!