No More Pyjamas

I was around twelve years old and during a long, hot summer had taken to wearing only a pair of light cotton pyjamas to bed. A realisation that my penis was not just a **** discharge pipe meant that all too often my pyjamas would be pushed down so that I could enjoy ************. ******* were still a long way off, but playing with myself became a nightly experience. My mum and dad had never encouraged nudity in the house so I always made sure that at least I looked as if I was not sleeping naked. This included putting my ‘dirty’ pyjamas out for washing regularly.
I thought I was fooling them very well until during a shopping trip to buy some new clothes. As mum and I passed through the pyjama section of the clothing store, mum commented that we didn’t need to buy any of them.
From then on pyjamas ceased to belong in my wardrobe, but underpants were always placed at arm’s reach just in case I had to find something to wear in the middle of the night.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

I used to do something similar, although as I could 'get away' with sleeping without a pajama jacket is was easier. Just made sure to bundle up the pajama trousers, so they'd look worn, when all they'd done is spent the daytime on the pillow, and the night time under the pillow.

My teenage night time routine included deciding whether to get into bed naked and ********** before putting pyjamas on under the bed clothes or whether to put pyjamas on before getting into bed, then taking them off again altogether before ************. Both made ************ more exciting than just doing it in pyjamas, but eventually the pyjamas became something to wear in the morning for going to the bathroom rather than to be worn in bed.