Slept Naked As Long As I Can Remember

As long as I can remember I have slept naked. When I was little my pajamas made me wake up all sweaty and tired so I would always rip them off. It really pissed my parents off. I got several beatings, a lot of yelling at me, and weeks of them coming back to check if I had them on after lights out. But everytime I still took them off cause it was just more comfortable. Finally they gave up and let me just be me run around the house naked after my evening shower until bedtime. Its funny thinking back on it, but it really is just that's just more comfortable that way.
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4 Responses May 20, 2012

Oh so correct. And once I leave this work area it's off with my clothes too. Even have a six foot privacy around the house.

It is too bad some parents can leave a child with a stigma for sleeping nude. It is only natural and normal to want to sleep nude.

I have been sleeping naked all my life. At school we were allowed pyjama bottoms only, but I always kicked them off under the covers. And when I was in hospital I had to wear pyjamas and absolutely hated it, I felt so confined.<br />
My wife sometimes sleeps naked after we make love, but unfortunately usually feels more comfortable wearing something. She did however make it very clear when we first met that she hates men wearing anything in bed and totally banned me from doing so. In fact, since the kids have all left, she has banned me from entering the main bedroom unless I am naked as I am so messy with my clothes.<br />
No problem for me though. Sleeping naked is the most natural way

I totally agree, I sleep in my thongs and wouldnt want it any other way. Clothes are too restricting in bed!