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Sleeping Naked Made It Easy.... more than one way...firstly,if you have an unexpected visitor,and being a nudist as I am,it breeches the gap of shyness,you just open the door,and when friends sleep over,they are surprised ad curious...especially as a male in the mornings,and especially males...they find another mans morning woo d fecinating...especially uncovred...and always joke to hide their own embarresment...
As a child...I started sleeping naked from age 6,7,8...and it made exploring my member easier,and I did not have to get rid of the pajamas when I got arroused,as getting rid of the stuff caused noise and arroused suspicion from my brother with whom I shared the room...sleeping naked,just made it easier and more fun....and i could indulge in my exploration and fantacies....
Bernardc Bernardc 46-50, M Jun 8, 2012

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