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When I was a kid, I would always sleep in different ways as it relates to what I'd wear to bed. One night, I'd wear pajamas. The next night, I'd wear underwear. The next night might mean half of my pjs with or without underwear, and finally, I'd sleep naked. Shortly after I started doing that, which was off and on since I was about 6 or 7, any time I'd wear anything to bed, I'd wake up totally naked. I guess that sometime during the night, I'd subconsciously take them off. At the time, I shared a room with my older brother, so I kept it to a minimum to avoid any trouble.

When I was 10, I finally got my own bedroom. When bedtime arrived, I wasted no time getting naked before climbing into bed. Ever since that day, only serving in the military (Navy), being a guest at someone's house, or being very sick have been the only times that I wasn't sleeping naked, which in turn has saved my wife and I a bundle of money by not having to buy pjs every year. And once our children are old enough (and potty trained, of course), we'll let them sleep the same way if they wanted to. We'll still keep a pair or two for each of them just in case they're invited to a sleepover, but for the most part, if they wanted to sleep naked, we'd let them.
BLACKTIGER75 BLACKTIGER75 36-40, M 1 Response Aug 26, 2012

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As a child I also started sleeping naked,and when I went for my millitary service(in the previous regime it was 2 years compulsary millitary service)we were about six guys in the barracks that slept in the nude,and it was no big deal.Some mornings at 3am we were woken for stat pe,and had no time to get dressed and did pt naked,nothing was said or done.Later on,one of our officers ordred us in the dead of winter to sleep naked,and if he caught anyone sleeping with any type of clothing,we would be prosecuted.He said that sleeping naked meant that the body heat circulated evenly through the sleeping bag,and kept us warm,whereas when you slept with clothes,the body heat only stayed between the skin and clothes,which left the sleeping bag mostly cold.Well I knew it to be true,and when the guys started sleeping naked,they found that it was deffinately more warm,and comfortable any way.
Still today,I sleep naked,no matter where I am.

Sadly, today's military might label anyone who does that as being gay. It amazes me how something like nudity can be seen as the equivalent of blasphemy for some people, yet the violence we see on TV seems to get a free pass. Clearly, there's something wrong with this picture.