Caught Sleeping Naked

   I have been caught sleeping naked several times in my life since I was in my middle school years.  I had grown to enjoy skinny dipping from going to overnight summer camp and began to enjoy sunbathing nude in the yard when my parents weren't home.  Since we didn't have air conditioning all over the house, my room was often very warm during the summer months as I would sleep by an open window to no avail.  One night I just decided to lay naked on top of my bed by the open window and fell asleep peacefully and comfortably.  I enjoyed the feeling and continued sleeping this way through the summer.  One morning while I was sleeping my mother came in my room to put some clothes away in my closet and saw me there on the bed.  I woke up as she was rustling in the closet and was sporting my usual morning wood.  I faked that I was still asleep and could feel her watching me as she left.  The next morning my father caught  me naked in bed playing with my ***** and started talking to me like nothing.  He asked me why I was sleeping naked and I explained it was so hot in here and it was much more comfortable.  He said it was OK and left the room.  Ever since I have enjoyed the comfort of sleeping nude especially in the warm months.  Occasionally I wear something to bed during the cold weather months. 
     Several times my roommate and his girlfriend at the time caught me sleeping naked.  Only after a few weeks I caught them watching me.  One warm summer night I retired to my bedroom and lay naked on the bed with the windows open enjoying the warm summer breeze while watching TV in the dark.  My roommate and his girlfriend came home and eventually went out on our deck which is off the back of both of our bedrooms.  As it was late and I could hear them talking quietly and fooling around a bit, they thought I was asleep which I was almost asleep.  I noticed them out of the corner of my eye peeking through the window and saying that he was naked and hard again.  They both watched me for a while as it excited me a bit being watched.  I was very hard and my balls were hanging a bit low.  I heard her comment that I had nice big balls and a really thick ****.  My roommate moved away from the window while she still watched my naked body.  I gyrated my hips and spread my legs apart to let her see more clearly.  I then could here my roommate tugging off her shorts and panties and slap her bare ***.  I wish I could see but hearing it was pretty erotic.  Every now and then I would reach between my legs and scratch my balls and touch my **** as she watched me.  I can only assume that my roommate was doing something with her as she watched my naked body writhe in heat on the bed.  This lasted for several minutes and then they went to his bedroom and I fell asleep. I will always enjoy sleeping naked.
jamnatr jamnatr
41-45, M
Jan 7, 2013