Love My **** To Be Free

I will start off with saying I wasnt born with gods gift to women. I am an average size man but I was born with BIG balls. With this being said they often get restricted by boxers, I sit on them accidently during the day and dont even get me started on what it feels like to turn in the middle of the night and get my boxer briefs sinched down on my nutsack. Well it started when I was younger exploring myself and the enjoyment of being nude. Probably early teens if I had to pin it down. Now I love being naked, especially when I sleep. It is just so liberating to be able to get to my **** without restraint whenever I am in bed. I love handling my jewels it just feels nice to touch and it feels so good to have them lay against a nice cold sheet and being able to really squeeze that morning wood without it bending against my boxer fabric.

Unfortunately due to current living situations, my daughter sleeps in a room that connects to our room. In order for her to get out she needs to pass in our room. This sucks, she is five so I have to keep my shorts on most nights. I do however slip them off in the middle of the night sometimes when I know I will be up before her. I just love the feeling of being naked. I am sure I will end up being a full time nudist however my wife is not really into it at the moment. I am still trying to sway her.
mjames1218 mjames1218
26-30, M
Feb 4, 2013