Sleeping In the Altogether - Always

I am single female 22 and agree with everyone that sleeping nude is the only way.  I have had my issues about this at home with my fathe, but find that it is more difficult when sleeping over at other people's places or when travelling.  I have made my mind up that I will continue to sleep the way I want to, to the degree that I never pack nightwear, or a gown.  A tee shirt to get to the bathroom is about it.  It has caused some raised eyebrows and some embarrassing moments, but in the words of the song 'I did it my way' and I will keep doing it.

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12 Responses Nov 23, 2008

I always sleep naked in attire I am always uncomfortable

Well I have to agree Bare69. I love being nude and would be a bit more of an exhibitionist if I wouldn't be arrested.

sleeping ude is the most natural manner for sure.<br />
<br />
swimming nude and sunbathing as well, but are trickier in the social settings.<br />
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thank goodness for boats :-)

I don't blame any of you. I think most of us fel the same way. Screw pajamas. Oh and stefinew, I think a woman in nothing but a t-shirt is as sexy as any lingerie. <br />
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I haven't owned a pair of pajamas in probably 40 years. The most I have on is a pair of shorts or boxers and that's just for when I'm out of the bed with people around or at a B&B without ensuite loo. I can't sleep with anything on. Makes me uncomfortable<br />
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I have been caught when I knew it as well as suspect many times when I knew nothing at all. One memorable time my sister-in-law (lovely lass who was attracted to me and I to her privately) and her husband were living temporarily with us. I had been quite hot and was laying there with the covers off and on my back. I was well exposed. Deb came in through the adjoining loos and I was laying with my arm over my face. I suppose I looked sound asleep to her. I never moved but could see her through a small gap under my arm. She got a nice very long look eying me up and down while just a couple feet from me before deciding she'd better leave.

Be who you are! You have a great body, might as well be in comfort when you can, especially sleeping.

I say it's every person's right to sleep how they want... stand your ground!

Good for you, steffinew. I guess being a woman must make it pretty difficult for you at times, but keep on with what you feel comfortable with. I haven't owned PJ's or slept, wearing any clothing, since I was about 14. It's healthier for you, and the freedom of nudity is invigorating. I don't think anyone would ever have been mentally scarred for life by seeing you naked. The people who saw you naked have probably just seen naked people on TV. It's funny how nudity on TV can be acceptable, but in the flesh, it's so unacceptable to many people. My stepdaughter cannot handle any form of nudity whatsoever, even in her mid-30's. She will never change.

I can't recall the last time I wore anything to bed.

I am the same way. I will wear shorts if needed, but I have not owned jammies in over 20 years, maybe longer. So, it means some quick cover up moments, but atleast you sleep well.

Good for you, Steffi. Wear what is comfortable for you and don't let people tell you otherwise.

Good for you. While I agree that night wear (and swimsuits) are kind of silly, I do still pack them for traveling. Both are sometimes socially the best choice.<br />
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When I was just staying with my cousin, I don't think we could have had our sweetly platonic sleeping together experience if I hadn't had something to wear to bed.

I like your *****... would like to hear more of your embarrasing moments... <br />
These need to be shared... simply because.. it's fun, <br />
and to know we are not alone in these moments. <br />
Thanks for your comments...