My Wife Started It.....

I have my wife to thank for my introduction to sleeping nude. Before being married to her, i always went to sleep in my underwear with no shirt. When i was about 15 years old my summers were spent going to the beach near where i lived. All of the beach activities that i had engaged in including riding my bike the 6 miles there and back, swimming, smoking weed, drinking and frisbee had usually worn me down by the time i got back home by 3 in the afternoon or so. I decided to ***** down and take a nap for an hour or so and get up before my mom got home from work. Well, she came home while i was still sleeping. She came into my room after she had said she was calling me , but i hadn't answered, and found me totaly naked..asleep. She told me that i should never do that again. I was embaressed that my mom had seen me totaly naked, probably hard as well, and i'm thinking, great, the one time i sleep nude my mom sees me. So, no more sleeping naked...untill i met my wife who usually always slept nude all the time. After a year or so of being married i finally at her urgings slept nude no matter what the season was. Still do now. I would never go back to wearing anything to bed now that i'm
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Being 'discovered' is one of the benefits of nude sleeping; I've been discovered a lot. In college, I loved when my friends discovered 'it' - me sleeping nude, that is. I think parents and families are less comfortable; parents tend to be more prudish around their kids. As a parent of the child of my SO, we find she isn't as comfortable sleeping nude. We let her do what she wants. My roomie doesn't sleep nude as frequently as I do, which is almost all the time. I love it and can't sleep in anything but many a top and underpants, at the most.

I wonder what her logic could've been for such a statement? Were you in danger of catching a cold:^)