I Sleep In The Nude

I have been sleeping in the nude for only 5 or 6 years ( I'm 36 yo). Now I won't have it any other way. My wife still wears PJs and I can't convince her to change to the nude way. Even after we have had a night of fun together in the bedroom, she will put her PJs back on and then sleep. I just enjoy the "freeness" and comfort. I can't stand to have anything confining my tool and or ball sac when I sleep. I also sleep on my side many times and just like to tuck the sheet between my legs and having that cool feeling between my legs. My wife can be a night owl at times and I will fall asleep first. She likes to check her email and work email with her laptop in the bed. I make it a point to fall asleep on my back with the covers removed so she can observe my tool up close and personal before she turns out the lights and calls it a day. I have several times been awaken with her tongue or hand on my penis wanting some action before she goes to sleep. Sometimes I wake up during the night or when I get up in the morning , I discover I'm on my back with my morning wood or as I call it sleep ***** proudly displayed. Depending on how erect I am, I may or may not have foreskin coverage on my glans. I look forward every night removing all clothing and getting in under the sheets with my honey. One other advantage about sleeping in the nude, if I wake up with a sleep ***** in the middle of the night I can prod my wife with my tool or slide it up between her legs without undressing. If I get no action from her I just turn over and and go back to sleep and hopefully won't leak out too much precum from my **** mouth to make a spot on the sheets. I can always try again in the morning or she can surprise me with a night time or morning treat!!
Qdoba Qdoba
36-40, M
Sep 25, 2012