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  When I was younger (in my late teens and early twenties), I wanted to be a nudist.  Now that my body has changed,ahhhh not so much.  I started sleeping nude with my husband, and I must say I am surprised that is comfortable.  I put clothes on after he leaves for work.  If I lay back down, I was very surprised how bound I felt by the clothes I was wearing.  I have worn shorts and a T-shirt to be for years, but never noticed that it was something that was not easy to roll over and get comfortable in. 

MissGif MissGif
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Body changed? Most people don't worry about it. Let's face it, moms who've had children just look different.... (I've gotta tummy, too.)

Don't worry about your body changing, we all do. My suggestion is follow your thoughts of being a nudist and to to a nude resort with your husband. I have been many times. There are people there of all shapes. It is about being free not what you look like.