Scary At First!!

i just remember a couple of years ago, i was asleep in bed at night, and i had this dream/nightmare, and it was as if i woke up, but i couldnt move at all, i couldnt open my eyes or nothing, and then i felt, it was like someones hands moving up and down the front of my body, up and down my chest and stomach, and then i heard the voice of an old man shout in my right ear "can you feel me?" "can you f**king feel me?", all this while i could still feel someones hands rubbing up and down my chest and stomach, and then a couple of minutes later i was finally able to move, and i shot straight up and switched my bedroom light on, and i was like " what the **** was that?" and my whole body was covered in sweat!! since then, i have had a couple of similar experiences like this, when im sleeping,but without the old mans voice i heard the first time and every time, it scares me!!!
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4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Wow that sounds so cool! How did you get to the state of sleep paralysis

i really do not know, it just happened, and then after it had happened a couple of times, i decided to do some research on line!!

WOW! how scary! I had a nightmare a few nights ago too and I felt like I couldn't scream, and I heard the voice of a man reading stories for kids with a really awful scary voice, I wanted to scream but I couldn't , no sound at all, horrible, just horrible.

yes, it does feel that way sometimes lol!!!

well, i think im already starting to do that, cos although i still do get scared when it happens, i dont get as scared as i used to!!!