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I have been having Sleep Paralysis atleast 4 years now. I am sure I had a few scenarios before then, but I cannot remember because they were limited.
The dreams seem to get worse as the years go by, and it is more vivid when I go to bed extremely tired. The deeper the sleep, the harder to move. Last night, after over a month without SP, I fell into around 1 am (so it seemed). A dark cloaked figure was in my dreams at first, welcomed me 'back', and then my eyes opened to see the figure by my bed post as I fought to awaken myself once again. Anyhow, I thought it was about time I talked to people who understood how this felt, instead of trying to convince people I dont fall into terrrible vivid nightmares due to my harsh choice of music.
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Feeling usually include being trapped, being kept in the room because all exits are sealed with figures.<br />
I've only had feelings of pressure on my chest right after waking up, not during paralysis. The only way I can wake up is by moving my neck as hard as I can. Even then, I don't always wake up. I have to move rapidly and continuously. The problem is, because of this, I have back aches and joint pains. I will definitely try controlling it next time, but it is definitely hard because of the realistic feeling. I always know that it's SP/lucid dreaming, but my heart rate has trouble going back to normal, so I can't relax.<br />
<br />
I think I go into this state due the anxiety problems in general.

Try to rember your NOT stuck in your dream.
Your FREE in it. When you come to terms with fact your playing in a dream " while dreaming" you will wake up. It it as if your mind is revealing its own magic trick to itself. Also I would like go on record saying I joined for the same reason.