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My Kind Of Normal

Sleep safe? oh do I ever!

It pretty much looks like any other couple sleeping.  Blankets all askew, she's of course, got most of them.   Dog laying at the end of the bed, kicking and snoring away.   Legs wrapped around each other, hair all a mess.   Me trying to fight for an inkling of blanket, her poking me in the ribs if I snore.   

But the difference from the norm I guess, is that when I roll over and open my eyes or reach out my hand.  I'm greeted with soft smooth skin, full inviting lips and supple breasts.  Oh how I do so enjoy sleeping with my beautiful lesbian lady.

fadeintoyou fadeintoyou 31-35, F 4 Responses Dec 27, 2011

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Mmmmm...sounds like heaven ;-)

I hope that's how heaven might feel

Thank you

Nice :-)

Thanks ivo, quite comfortable indeed