We have our own seperate wars to fight.

We just got married in Jan. and it seems like he's gone more now. :( He'll be back April 24th though, but they might deploy him shortly after. He's in Yuma right now. It wouldn't seem so long. But as soon as my husband left my ex started hassling me. He actually had the nerve to steal my daughter. Costing us 2000 dollars in attorney fees to get her back from him. And now he's starting court proceedings and his constant threatening. And had the audacity to send CPS to my home. Where all the alligations were proved false, but the stress none the less got to me. It's just hard. I have to be strong for my husband. Hard feeling like I can't tell him all these things, because he has his own hard ships to deal with. Stressing him out. I feel selfish telling him. Like a burden. Like I should be able to handle this on my own. I dont understand

Ashleylpd Ashleylpd
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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

hey girl.. my fiance is also in yuma rite now until the 24th,so i can relate there... but as far as ur ex im sorry as if u dont have enuf stress in ur life with ur hubby being gone.. I understand how u feel about not wanting to stress him out anymore but he loves you so your not burdening him by telling him wats going on he wud prolly want to know.. hang in there huney .. im here if u ever wanna talk ...